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Electric Furnace

Things to Know About Electric Furnace Repair Service In Philadelphia

Many homeowners prefer the safety and reliability brought by electric furnace not to mention the furnace require fewer repairs than a gas furnace. Even though electric furnace runs into trouble less frequently than the gas furnaces, no system is problem free. Here, we have listed a few common problems you need to keep an eye on your furnace, so you can know when it’s time to contact a licensed professional for repair services.

A failed sequencer

Gas and electric furnace operate under the same principle. The blower fan sends air through the furnace, and here is it warmed and then back to the ventilation system. However, when it comes to outside of the blower and the air handler, thing is different between the two furnaces. The electric one uses different heating elements in an enclosed metal coil. These are used to heat up the air when electricity passes through the coil. Your electric oven and the toaster works in the same principle. The sequencer allows the right amount of heating output without causing an overload, so if the sequencer stops working, it means that the furnace heating element will not turn on at all.
Burned out Blower motor
If you can’t ignore the rattling sound coming from the vent, then you need to check the motor. The motor runs the blower fun, which sends air through the heating elements and then into your ventilation system. If the motor loses lubrication or it has collected dust, it will ultimately overheat. Call an expert if the blower fun stops working altogether.

Dysfunctional heating elements

Heating elements in your furnace can stop working, and if this happens, you may suddenly start to feel a chill on your home. If the heating elements break, an HVAC technician can replace the heating elements and restore the furnace to its full functionality.

Faulty control Switch

The limit control switch is designed to stop your furnace from overheating. If someone is poking around the furnace, they may come into contact with the furnace wire frame ultimately causing issues on the control switch. If the limit control switch is faulty, the furnace will be shut down, every time if attempts to come on. This will require a replacement from an HVAC professional.

Other wiring malfunction

Loose or corroding wires or broken relays are some of the most common cause of electric furnace trouble. The thermostat can lose its connection, which may cause the furnace not to turn on and off, or the fuse could be too small to handle the heating system. Whatever it is, always consult a licensed HVAC professional.

Electric furnace issues can be quite frustrating because there are too many causes that could hinder the furnace to function to its full capacity. Some of these problems could be prevented by doing regular maintenance. The potential hazards from electric furnace may not be as high as a gas furnace, but many problems require a professional hand.


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