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AC Broke? Tips to Stay Cool Before Repairman Comes.

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  • Close Your Windows. While it sounds like an awesome idea to open up your windows to cool down your house, wait for a second! During daytime sun rays will heat up your home and make it uncomfortable for you. You can, however, open the windows during nighttime. Sun will be down and you will be able to enjoy fresh breeze without worrying about sunlight heating your home.
  • Avoid Alcohol and Caffeinated Beverages. Both alcohol and caffeine-containing beverages, like coffee, sodas, and beer are considered diuretics. This means that these things promote urine production, which can lead to dehydration. Best thing to go for is water!
  • Use a Fan/Turn off Lights. Most people think that placing fan by the wall seems like the best option. But fans usually release some heat from the back portion. By placing it near the wall, heat produced by the fan will be blown back towards you making it way less efficient. best option is to place fan at the entrance of the room you are trying to cool pointing inwards.
  • Call professional. Rather than going at the repair yourself or allowing an amateur to do it, call professional AC repair company. Attempting to fix your AC yourself has some dangers. You can seriously damage the system if you do something incorrectly. You also run the risk that you will end up with money wasted and more costly repair. But the biggest risk of DIY job is your safety: electrical connections and refrigerant can pose a significant safety hazard.

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