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Energy-Efficient Commercial HVAC Project at Park School, Philadelphia, PA

Within this commercial HVAC project Park School, located in Philadelphia, PA, was facing a significant financial burden due to the need for a complete system replacement. The school board was informed by mechanical contractors that the existing central air system was beyond repair due to the obsolescence of parts and aging heating and cooling systems. The inconsistent classroom temperatures, ranging from 64 to 78 degrees, were causing discomfort for students and staff. To address these issues, an energy-efficient HVAC system was installed at the school, providing improved comfort and significant cost savings.


EMCO Tech Heating and Cooling, a honorable HVAC company, won a contract to install a new HVAC system at Park School Philadelphia, a commercial facility. The project showed a substantial challenge to the contractors due to the outdated and obsolete parts of the existing systems, requiring a complete replacement. The prior HVAC system had been struggling to maintain consistent temperatures, resulting in an vast temperature range of 64 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Finally, this case caused the indoor environment discomfiting, leading to inconvenience for the students, faculty, and staff. Hence, with the new HVAC system in place, Park School Philadelphia can look forward to a more comfortable indoor environment.

A Cost-Effective Solution for Partial Commercial HVAC Replacement and Repairs

EMCO Tech Heating & Cooling, also known as Emergency Maintenance Company, is a high rated commercial HVAC contractor in Philadelphia. Furthermore, we have come up with a complete cost-effective commercial maintenance agreement that covers all aspects of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for Park School, including commercial Heating and AC installation. This agreement includes preventive maintenance, repairs, and equipment replacement, all for a fraction of the cost that you would incur if you were to handle these services separately. Hence, with this agreement, the students, faculty, and staff can expect a steady indoor temperature range from 64 to 78 degrees. Also, HVAC equipment will be kept in working condition by experienced commercial HVAC contractors, and any issues will be resolved promptly, saving the time, money, and hassle during the term of maintenance agreement.

Park School

EMCO Tech Heating & Cooling – Emergency Maintenance Company

January 2016 – May 2016


Contractors claimed that the obsolescence of parts and aging systems allowed no other option. Room temperatures ranged from 64 to 78 degrees.

EMCO Tech commercial HVAC contractors proposed an all-inclusive, fixed-cost service agreement to assume the responsibility for preventative maintenance, repairs and  HVAC equipment replacement for a fraction of the cost.

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