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Upgraded Residential HVAC Project in Kennett Square, PA

EMCO Tech HVAC contractors recently completed a state-of-the-art heating and air conditioning installation at a residence in Kennett Square, PA. The project involved replacing the existing HVAC system with a new, more extensive one that offers increased cooling and heating capabilities. In addition, larger ductwork was installed to improve ventilation throughout the home.

To further enhance the indoor comfort, a ductless mini-split system was recommended for additional room used during large gatherings. Two more ductless mini-split systems were also installed in the garage and basement areas. As a result, enabling independent temperature and moisture control functions that are based on the occupants’ preferences.

This affordable upgrade package includes a fixed-cost service agreement, which assures responsibility for future preventative maintenance, equipment replacement, and repair services. With this new HVAC system, the residents of Kennett Square can now enjoy a more comfortable and energy-efficient home.

EMCO Tech to Install HVAC System for Temperature Regulation in Kennett Square Resident’s Garage

The homeowner residing in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania expressed concerns about temperature differences in their residence, particularly in the garage area. Despite living in a region with varying weather conditions throughout the year, the homeowner wanted to ensure that the garage remains at a comfortable temperature at all times.

EMCO Tech supervisor visited the residence and discussed possible solutions with the homeowner. After reviewing the options, the homeowner asked for the installation of an HVAC system in the garage area. Additionally, he wanted the unit to provide both heating and cooling. The team members ensured that they would design the system to maintain a comfortable temperature in the garage regardless of the outside weather conditions.

Our technicians will tailor the HVAC system according to the homeowner’s specific needs and preferences, including energy efficiency and noise reduction. Hence, we expect to begin the installation process soon, and the homeowner can look forward to enjoying a comfortable garage space.

EMCO Tech Heating and Cooling contractor is committed to providing high-quality and customized HVAC solutions to meet the needs of every homeowner, and this installation is just one example of their dedication to customer satisfaction.

EMCO Tech Addresses Homeowner’s Concerns about Inconsistent Temperature

During a recent visit to a homeowner’s residence, EMCO Tech representatives were made aware of the presence of hot and cold spots throughout the interior of the home. This issue indicated inconsistent temperature throughout the house, creating an uncomfortable living environment.

To address the concerns raised by the homeowner, the representatives took note of the issues and will work to devise a comprehensive solution that addresses the heating and cooling needs of the residence. This solution will ensure optimal comfort and energy efficiency throughout the home.

EMCO Tech’s visit is just one example of the company’s dedication to meeting the needs of homeowners. By addressing issues such as inconsistent temperature, EMCO Tech is helping clients create a comfortable and energy-efficient living environment.

Comprehensive Solution Ensures Optimal Comfort and Energy Efficiency

EMCO Tech, a team of HVAC professionals, recently evaluated a residential property to assess its heating, ventilation, and AC systems. We found that the existing ventilation system was inadequate. So, we suggested replacing it with larger air ducts in the basement to improve air quality and circulation. They also recommended upgrading to a more powerful and energy-efficient HVAC system for better heating and cooling performance. Additionally, the team proposed installing additional HVAC units throughout the property to ensure optimal temperature control.

EMCO Tech’s through evaluation and recommendations help the clients get more comfortable indoor conditions while maximizing energy savings. Contact us today!

H. Rothanhauzer

EMCO Tech Heating and Cooling services

June 2020

David S.

A home located in Kennett Square, PA, required an HVAC system installed to maintain both cooling and heating within the garage area. While visiting the residence, the homeowner also made EMCO Tech representatives aware of hot and cold spots throughout the interior of the house.

After a complete evaluation of the residence, EMCO Tech HVAC specialists proposed to remove the existing ventilation ductwork and install larger air ducts in the basement. EMCO Tech recommend implementing a larger HVAC system with increased heating and cooling capabilities. Furthermore, our managers proposed installing additional HVAC units in other areas of the home to ensure optimal temperature control.

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