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Residence, Kennett Square, PA

EMCO Tech HVAC technicians installed a new, more extensive heating & AC in Kennett Square home with increased cooling and heating capabilities, along with larger ductwork to improve ventilation. Further, a ductless mini-split system was incorporated into an additional room that was utilized by the residents during large gatherings. Finally, two more ductless mini-split systems were installed in both the garage and basement areas, allowing for moisture control and temperature control functions that operated independently based on the occupants’ climate preferences. This affordable option also included a fixed-cost service agreement with assumed responsibility for future preventative maintenance, equipment replacement, and repair services.


A home located in Kennett Square, PA, required an HVAC system installed to maintain both cooling and heating within the garage area. While visiting the residence, the homeowner also made EMCO Tech representatives aware of hot and cold spots throughout the interior of the house.


After a complete evaluation of the residence, EMCO Tech HVAC specialists proposed to remove the existing ventilation ductwork and install larger air ducts in the basement. A larger HVAC system with increased cooling and heating capabilities would also be implemented. Additional HVAC units were proposed for other areas of the home.



June 2020

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