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Common Reason Why Your Furnace Goes Out

Common Reason Why Your Furnace Goes Out

The heating system is very important in a home because it not only regulates the temperature in the house but also makes your home comfortable to live in. Therefore, it is very important to maintain, repair or replace your heating system as required.

One of the problems associated with a furnace is tripping of the circuit breaker when the furnace is turned on. When this happens, you need to hire an expert to repair your heating system to avoid further damage. However, some people tend to reset the circuit breaker and carry on for a period of time until the circuit breaker trips again! This is not advisable because it can lead to serious damages that can make you incur heavy losses by replacing certain parts or even the entire system. A circuit breaker trips to protect the circuit from a large voltage surge which can lead to heavy losses. This means that there is something wrong and you need to call in an expert or fix it yourself.

A lot of people who own gas furnaces get confused about tripping circuit breakers because they think that gas furnaces do not need electricity. This is a misunderstanding because even if these furnaces rely on gas to produce heat, they still rely on electricity to power other components e.g. the ignition system and the electric blower motor. If you have limited knowledge about gas furnaces, you are advised to hire an expert to fix or diagnose your gas furnace instead of doing it yourself.
What causes a circuit breaker to trip?

Clogged furnace filter – when the filters have a lot of dust, lint and other debris, it becomes clogged making it ineffective. The filter makes the blower motor to strain thus overloading the circuit. You can prevent this from happening by cleaning and replacing clogged filters regularly.

Leaking air ducts – when your furnace has leaking air ducts, the air pressure lowers in the ductwork making the blower fan to work harder to counteract air pressure deficiency. As a result, the blower fan uses a lot of energy (electricity) thus causing the circuit breaker to trip. You can hire a professional to seal your ducts.

Damaged motor – if the insulation of your motor is worn out, it can cause arching in the motor triggering a tripped circuit breaker. You just need an expert to repair or replace the motor. If you think the motor to your furnace is not working please call Emergency Maintenance company now we are the best HVAC service in Philadelphia and we are here to serve you and all of your heating and cooling needs 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Call us now for fast affordable HVAC repair in Philadelphia in the surrounding suburbs 215-366-1001

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