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Clean Your Air Ducts, Save Your Lungs: The Ultimate Guide

How to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home By Preventing Dust Buildup

Do you hate it when your air conditioner blows dust all over your home? You’re not alone! Many people ask our contractors at EMCO Tech Heating and Cooling in the Philadelphia area, how they can stop this annoying problem. The answer is simple: Get rid of the dust! Don’t just move it around.

The Importance of Air Duct Cleaning for A Clean and Healthy Home

In this article, we will discuss some easy and effective ways to keep your home dust-free and your HVAC system running smoothly by having our highly specialized technicians perform an air duct cleaning.

Reduce Dust in Your Home with These Simple Tips

1. Keep Your HVAC Filter Clean, and change it regularly:

A dirty filter can reduce the efficiency of your system and send dust and debris back into your air ducts. Additionally, A clogged filter can make your system work harder and recirculate particles of dust, dirt, and debris from your air duct system, throughout your home. Check your filter every month. You can tell that it is time to change it when it’s too dirty to see through.

2. Vacuum Your Carpets Several Times Every Month:

Carpets trap a lot of dust and dirt that can be released into your home from when you walk on them, causing a build up in your air duct system. Vacuum your carpets at least once a week, and pay extra attention to high-traffic areas. If you have access to a steam cleaner, that could help eliminate the dust issues and disinfect those high traffic areas at the same time. Especially, if you have pets in your home, the hair can get trapped in the carpets and cause the free-floating dander to become trapped in your air duct system.

3. Wash Your Throw Rugs and Bedding Often:

Throw rugs and bedding can also hold a lot of dust and dust mites that can trigger allergies or asthma. Shake them outside to remove the loose dust, then wash them in hot water at least twice a month if possible.

More The Best Ways to Eliminate Dust from Your Home

4. Get Rid of Unnecessary items by De-Cluttering Your Home

Clutter can make your home look messy and attract more dust. Piles of paper, books, magazines, and toys can create more places for dust to hide. Store them in containers or bags, or better yet, get rid of them if you don’t need them.

5. Organize Your Closet by Streamlining:

air duct cleaning technician

Your closet is another hotspot for dust. Clothes that you don’t wear often can collect dust over time. Store them in garment or plastic bags to keep them clean and fresh. If possible, donate them to charity and help someone in need, while getting rid of the items that are no longer useful to you. You’ll also have more room and less stress when you need to choose an outfit.

Air Duct Cleaning as one of the Dust-Trapping Cleaning Techniques

If you’re tired of seeing dust everywhere in your home every time your air conditioner turns on, you need to take action! Dust can affect your health, your comfort, and your HVAC system’s performance. At EMCO Tech Heating and Cooling our skilled contractors in the Philadelphia area have the solution you need. By following these proven methods to eliminate dust from your home and improve your indoor air quality, you can enjoy a clean and healthy living environment.

EMCO Tech air duct cleaning services help improve indoor air quality

Schedule an Air Duct Cleaning with EMCO Tech Heating & Cooling. Discover the reasons behind the utmost importance of air duct cleaning and keeping the ducts in your home dust free, not only for the sake of your furnace but also for the safety of your family, friends, and your furry family members. Our servicemen at EMCO Tech are here to help. Call now, for the top rated Air Duct Cleaning company in the Philadelphia area 215-366-1001 or Schedule your appointment online.

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