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It is important to have your heating system properly inspected

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It is important to have your heating system properly inspected

With the winter weather quickly making a turn for the worst, heating costs and potential repairs may be weighing heavily on your mind. It is important to have your heating system properly inspected by a certified technician at least once a year in order to ensure your furnace runs smoothly through the season. While we try our best to maintain that goal, we sometimes forget to adhere to the second most important rule of heating safety and efficiency- keeping an eye on the system. Learning the potential warning signs could be the difference between a hard winter and a pleasant one. Call us today to schedule HVAC Maintenance

Luckily, these red flags are easy enough to spot when you know what to look for.

Are you noticing any strange noises? While this could have more to do with your home than your heating system, listening for anything out of the ordinary for normal heater operations may be the key to diagnosing a problem. Clanging, grinding, and shrieking sounds all typically indicate an issue with the mechanics of your appliance. These issues are troublesome at the very least but could also be dangerous. If you notice anything odd, call the professionals to be safe.

While we all know that the winter season is rich with all manner of health issues, these ailments occurring only when the heat is on or happening more frequently than is normal for the season could indicate a faulty gas line in your home. Faulty lines result in the leakage of dangerous Carbon Monoxide. Recognizing the symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning is the first step to combating them. The next step is to dial in the experts as soon as symptoms appear.

Heating comes at a cost, but is that cost substantially higher this month than it was last month? Aside from using your heater twice as much as before, there is one other reason your heating bill could have skyrocketed so high. A malfunction in your unit could be to blame, and is luckily fixable if caught in time. Don’t pay more for warmth than you have to, bring in HVAC specialists to get your system up and running smoothly again. Your wallet will thank you.

With the stress of winter comes the urge to take care of heating issues immediately, and doing it yourself is tempting. However, contacting a certified technician is always the safer judgment call. Call Emergency Maintenance Company to schedule annual HVAC maintenance now if you are having any sort of furnace or heating problems

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  • Eli Richardson It really helped when you talked about how it's important to check your heating system. Recently, my wife and I started to use our boiler more and more. With the cold temperatures, we had to turn it on, and after reading your piece, we believe it'd be a good idea to check it out, so we'll look into it. Thanks for the tips on how to know our heating system's in trouble. Reply

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