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March Is the Best Time to Plan AC Maintenance

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Spring is not that far off and for all of eternity followed summer and hot weather follows spring. The worse thing a homeowner can do is wait until the first heatwave to turn on there air conditioning system. March is the best time of year to get it inspected

Here is what an EMCO Tech – HVAC Company in Philadelphia will inspect for you (learn more):

  • Adjustments and cleaning: There are many adaptions that your cooling system might need after the harsh winter has evaporated such as
  • Tightening and adjusting connections
  • Calibrating the big and small system components
  • Lubricating parts that may have dried up over the winter
  • Neglecting getting these things done can result in a multitude of problems like higher energy bills, system malfunction, a total break down of your air conditioning system, and it could even lead to dangerous fires and chemical leaks.
  •  Your air conditioner system was designed to endure for at the minimum of two decades but that’s only if you the homeowner keeps your ac system properly maintained, which helps to prevent malfunctions and overall disaster.
  • What to expect during an air conditioning maintenance visit: an expert technician will perform a thorough HVAC SYSTEM inspection. which includes
  • Inspection on the level and pressure of your ac system refrigeration
  • Inspect for leaks
  • Inspect the motor for any signs of disfunction
  • Inspect electrical connections,
  • Examine condensate pan and drain.
  • Call EMCO Tech Heating & Cooling – Emergency Maintenance Company in Philadelphia to Schedule AC maintenance 2153661001

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