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Top Air Conditioner Repair Tips

Often, we are called by homeowners for air conditioner repair problems in Philadelphia.

What we usually find is minor issues that need to be fixed for the unit to work effectively.

Here are a few potential issues that our Air Conditioning repair company in Philadelphia usual find to be the reason why homeowners ac unit is not working correctly

  •         Loose Outside Cover – One of the final potential culprits of a ‘rattling’ AC unit could be the cover that is over the actual HVAC system. The Philadelphia area gets a lot of high winds – and actually, they get dust or dirt storms called ‘Haboobs’ (we’re not making this up) that can loosen the outside covers of AC units
  •         Loose Belts or Broken Belts – One of the common problems that AC systems often experience is loose belts or broken belts. When an Air Conditioning system works around the clock – like in a hot area such as Philadelphia, PA, for example, moving parts tend to become loose or broken.  Due to overuse or from being old and worn. Many of the moving parts are ‘moved’ by use of a mechanical ‘belt’ which drives items like pumps and fans inside an HVAC system.
  •         No Oil or Lubrication – It can get quite hot during the summer in PA. In fact, the average temperature from June until the end of August in Philadelphia tends to eclipse triple digits (but it’s a dry heat). It’s due to this intense heat that sometimes the moving parts inside these AC systems get ‘dried up’ due to lack of routine maintenance – as one of the most important elements to routine maintenance is to check all lubricants.

If you are currently having any of these central air conditioning repair issues, please call Emergency Maintenance Company Now Call Today 215-366-1001 for fast affordable ac repair in Philadelphia



  • Bethany Birchridge I was unaware that a common AC problem was loose belts from overuse. My friend is having problems with her AC, so I'll share this article with her. Hopefully it will help her figure out what's wrong. Do you have any tips for finding an AC repair company in Arizona? Reply
  • Monica Chavez It's interesting that you point out that the cover that's over the AC system could be the reason for the rattling noise. The air conditioning in our home hasn't been working properly for a few weeks now, and it's been making a really obnoxious sound. I think it would be best if we had a professional come in and take a look at it. We might even need a new AC unit all together. Reply
  • Burt Silver It's interesting what you mention about making sure that everything is well lubricated in your AC system. This is something I never really considered. I should really have an AC repairman come and check out my AC system to see if he can get it working again because I have been having problems with it lately. Reply
  • Arctic Great mention of the heat, along with no lubrication, being the possible cause for AC problems during the summer. Reply
  • Alexandria Martinez Checking the oil and lubrication was a great way to see if maintenance is required on your AC. This is a really important tip to look into when trying to get air conditioning repairs. My fiance and I will keep this in mind since we have been looking into these services. Reply
  • Hector Uba Thanks for the tips on air conditioner repair. I had no idea that you had to lubricate an AC unit to keep it running smooth. In my opinion, you should have a professional come to look at your AC at least once a year. Reply

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