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Top Air Conditioner Repair Tips

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Often, we are called by homeowners for air conditioner repair problems in Philadelphia.

What we usually find is minor issues that need to be fixed for HVAC unit to work effectively.

Here are a few tips about EMCO Tech Heating and Air Conditioning repair company in Philadelphia usually find to be the reason why homeowners ac unit is not working correctly

  •         Loose Outside Condenser Cover – One of the final potential culprits of a rattling Air Conditioning unit could be the cover over the HVAC system. Philadelphia sometimes gets high winds getting dust and dirt storms called ‘Haboobs’ (we’re not making this up) that can loosen the outside covers of AC units
  •         Loose Belts or Broken Belts – One of the common problems that Air Conditioners often experience is loose or broken belts. Air Conditioning system works around the clock in subtropical climate such as Philadelphia, PA. Moving AC parts tend to become loose or broken.  Due to wear and tear from being old and worn. Many of the moving HVAC parts are driven by mechanical belt which drives items like pumps and fans inside an Heating and Air Conditioning system.
  •         No Oil in Air Conditioner Compressor – It gets hot during summer in Philadelphia area. In fact, the average temperature from June until the end of August in Eastern PA tends to eclipse triple digits. Due to this intense heat moving parts inside Air Conditioner dry up due to lack of routine maintenance. One of the elements to routine maintenance is to check lubricants.

If you are currently having any of these central air conditioning repair issues, please call EMCO Tech – Emergency Maintenance Company Now. Call Today 215-366-1001 for fast AC repair in Philadelphia


  • Max Jones Thanks for the air conditioning repair tips. My home's AC unit has stopped working. I'll look for an HVAC contractor to hire. Reply
  • Daniel Thank you for the tips! My family's AC seems to be acting up more often recently. I think it's time to call a professional repair service. Reply
    • admin It's recommended to check HVAC appliances before every season. We can schedule an appointment to have AC system tune-up and maintenance done by our service technician. Please follow Areas We Serve to check if we service your area and Spring AC Tune Up to schedule air conditioning tune up. Reply

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