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What are other alternatives for winter heating besides furnace?

What are other alternatives for winter heating besides furnace?

A furnace is one of the most common methods of heating homes. However, it’s not wise to assume that it’s the only best and safe option in heating during winter. There are various other credible and suitable alternatives. If you are in search of a new heating system besides the natural gas furnace, the other options include electric furnace, heat pump, radiant heater, and geothermal heat pump. Let’s have a look at each of them:
Electric furnace electric furnace is a good option for those who don’t have a natural gas line. It requires less installation cost and is highly effective. However, the running cost is expensive and can’t meet the heating level of the gas furnace.

Heat Pump A heat pump is usually a better alternative for homes that don’t have the natural gas line. It’s a two-in-one system as it offers both heating and cooling. They function in a similar way to general air conditioning systems which circulate refrigerant. The only difference is that they can reverse their operation and generate heat instead. Heat pumps are efficient in term of energy consumption during winter. However, they can at times struggle especially during freezing winter.

Radiant HeaterA radiant heater is comprised of any system that heats by raising the temperature of the objects in the rooms rather than generating heated air through vents. Most of the systems use boilers to heat water. The hot water then moves to radiators and baseboard heaters. Besides, there are floor-heating systems that have currently become one of the best heaters.

Geothermal Heat Pump A geothermal heat pump is the best option for those who are after energy saving with great comfort all year-round.
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