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Why Low Refrigerant in Your AC Is A Big Mistake

Why Low Refrigerant in Your AC is a Big Mistake

One common misconception among homeowners is the understanding of how their air conditioning system utilizes refrigerant. Questions such as “What does it mean when your AC is low on refrigerant?” often arise during HVAC service calls. In this article, we will unravel the complexities of AC units and shed light on the significance of maintaining optimal refrigerant levels.

Understanding the Impact of Improperly Charged Cooling System

Many homeowners may be unaware of the intricate workings of modern HVAC systems, especially when it comes to the use of freon gases. It’s crucial to dispel the misconception that an AC compressor consumes refrigerant like a car guzzles gas. Unlike fuel in a vehicle, coolant does not power the HVAC system; instead, electricity serves as the energy source. As a fact, for expert insights and assistance, turn to the heating and cooling repair professionals at EMCO Tech aka Emergency Maintenance Company.

The Role of Refrigerant:

In an air conditioner, electricity facilitates the movement of liquid and gas through lineset. Through a process of evaporation and condensation, refrigerant absorbs and releases heat, effectively transferring it from the interior of your home to the exterior. Importantly, the refrigerant level should remain constant at its factory-set level throughout the life of your air conditioning unit.

The Consequences of Not Balanced AC Freon:

When an cooling equipment experiences low freon levels, several issues can arise, affecting both performance and efficiency. Reduced cooling freon levels can lead to inadequate heat absorption and release, causing the HVAC unit to work harder to maintain desired temperatures. This increased strain not only diminishes energy efficiency but can also result in higher utility bills.

Moreover, imbalanced R22 or R410A pressures may lead to a decline in overall cooling capacity. Next, it’s making it challenging for the air conditioner to keep your home comfortably cool. In severe cases, this could potentially cause long-term damage to the AC compressor, a critical component of the HVAC system.

Addressing Low Refrigerant Levels:

If you suspect that your AC is low on refrigerant, use only local HVAC contractors like EMCO Tech. EMCO technicians are trained to diagnose and repair cooling unit refrigerant issues, ensuring the proper functioning of your AC unit. Contact us at 215-366-1001 for prompt and reliable assistance.

Significance of properly balanced freon levels in your AC

Avoid the misconception that an central air unit requires frequent freon refills, as the level should remain consistent over time. For any concerns described in this post or other HVAC issues, trust the contractors at EMCO Tech. We have been in mechanical trade serving Philadelphia area, Bucks and Montgomery Counties since 2006.

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