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Why Low Refrigerant in Your AC Is A Big Mistake

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The number one misconception most homeowners have about their air conditioner system is how their system uses refrigerant. “What does it mean when your air conditioning system is really low on refrigerant?” is a question often asked during HVAC service calls. There is basically not one answer to these questions. Most AC units are a complicated refrigeration system, it’s more than reasonable that most people aren’t aware of exactly how modern HVAC systems operate. That’s why the HVAC repair professionals at EMCO Tech – Emergency Maintenance Company are here to help you understand and help you when your system malfunction.

“Your air conditioner Isn’t like your car it does guzzle refrigerant like your car does gas.

Refrigerant isn’t like fuel in your truck, car, or van it doesn’t power your HVAC system thus your AC does not need refrigerant to run. The energy source for an AC is electricity, which is responsible for sending refrigerant around the system. The refrigerant goes through evaporation and condensation to absorb and release heat, moving it from inside your home to outside. The refrigerant level doesn’t decrease as this occur but should remain at its factory-set level for the life of your air conditioning unit.

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