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For a cost of movie streaming service you can protect your HVAC system from unexpected breakdowns. Spend as low as $12 a month and ensure that if a problem with your homes comfort system happens, you won't have to find out HVAC repair cost estimate and spend thousands to repair or replace it. We make it easy to work regular HVAC maintenance into your budget.

Cost Per Month$12$25$60
Comprehensive inspection - Air conditioning
Comprehensive inspection - Heating
Identify replacement parts still under warranty
Repair warranty on parts/labor30 Days90 Days1 Year
Install gauges and test freon levels
Lubricate all motors and parts as needed
Test voltages - start and run
Wash off outdoor coil
Chemically clean the condenser coil (outside)
Clean outdoor condenser cabinet (outside)
Combustion air and flue pipe inspected
Pilot and pilot assembly - cleaned and adjusted as necessary
Gas line - leak checked from furnace shut off valve to the burners
Measure Superheat / Subcooling of correct freon charge
Change batteries for the thermostat (if needed)
Duct cleaning once a year
Chemically clean indoor coil
Reduced diagnostic charges ($95 value)$59.99$39.99No Charge
5% off
10% off pricing
15% off pricing
Loyalty Member credit on a new system$25/Year$50/Year$100/Year
Additional System$6$12.5$30
Additional Accessories Monthly Investment Biannual InvestmentAnnual Investment
Water heater $4$24$48
Tankless water heater$5$30$60