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Oil Furnace Service Contractors for the Philadelphia Region

At EMCO Tech Heating & Cooling, our oil heater contractors offer various services and installation solutions for oil-fueled forced air systems. The service technicians on our team attend training seminars on a regular basis to be up-to-date with the new equipment and building codes.

Anything from the complete design of residential and light commercial HVAC systems with oil furnaces for heating from scratch. Dual fuel applications with an oil furnace as backup heat for conventional heat pump units are very cost-efficient in our climate zone of the Philadelphia area.

Oil Heater and Conventional AC Combinations

Many consumers choose to install standard air conditioners outside and oil furnaces indoors along with evaporator coils, as AC will utilize the furnace fan for operation. EMCO supervisors constantly train and educate field staff to offer our customers different options to achieve more efficiency by burning less oil or to save on installation costs by going with a standard condenser outside instead of a heat pump.

Oil Burner as the main part of furnace unit

During cold seasons, people need to keep occupied places warm. Moreover, we all need to have a system that is reliable and efficient. Some around Philadelphia do not have gas service, allowing the installation of gas heating units like gas furnaces or boilers. This has led to the development of forced air furnaces with oil-fired burners.

oil furnace service contractor

Oil burners are common in Eastern PA for space heating and water heating needs. Such burners are powered by oil, which is sprayed into the combustion chamber under high pressure. Afterward, the blower fan is moving air through the heat exchanger. An electric spark then ignites the oil in the system — this is how an oil furnace operates!

Oil Furnace Components and Routine Burner Maintenance

Familiarizing with the oil burner which powers up the whole appliance manufactured to use oil fuel source to create heat. The rest of the unit works just like any other forced air. Some of the most important components of the system include filters, electrodes, oil nozzles, air tubes, motor belts, and switches, among other parts and controls. 

As such, any oil heater services, repairs, and even tune-ups and maintenance should be done by an experienced oil furnace contractor. Follow the link to let EMCO Tech do the dirty oil heater tune-up and cleaning service while you relax and enjoy your day.

Burner assembly in oil fueled heater

You can open the oil furnace by removing the access panel which covers the burner blower. The oil burner assembly is attached to the blower unit. To access the fan, you need to remove the metal panel on one side of the oil furnace. This panel is held in place by hooks or retaining bolts. 

Further, you need to slip the panel up, remove the bolts, and lift the panel off. It is always a good idea to have a professionally trained heating technician to do any repairs or replacement of your oil heating system. Additionally, the air filter is usually accessible in the slot near the oil heater for ease of replacement.

Oil Furnace Service and Repair

Most furnaces used in houses and businesses have switches and reset buttons, which are located on the housing of the furnace. In fact, if the unit fails to start, you can reset it, but this will not help if it’s broken. Professional service technician needs to troubleshoot all parts that play a crucial role in the operating cycle. 

Further, the switches and the reset buttons are identified with stampings and labels, which are written in bold to make them visible to the user. Some of the labels include Disconnect, Switch, and Reset, among others. Oil furnaces have a control sensor, which is a safety device that is used to monitor the operations of the burner attached to the stack by retaining bolts.

Emergency Oil Heating Maintenance

If you notice any signs of your unit backfiring while in operation, immediately turn it off from the disconnect switch and call a service company to have it inspected. EMCO Tech’s technicians have years of experience, excessive training maintenance, and know how to install various oil-fired furnaces. 

Moreover, EMCO Techs are able to diagnose the most complex failures with your heater or perform full replacement of outdated systems. EMCO Heating & Cooling offers complete projects, from the design of air ducts to the installation of oil heater systems.

Troubleshooting Service Calls for Oil Heaters in Montgomery and Bucks Co.

Regular maintenance of your system increases its lifespan and other costs associated with repairs to the heating unit. The following practices must be followed while using the system: Regularly check the smoke of the chimney. If you notice that the smoke is back, this is a clear indication that the furnace is not burning the oil as required. Thereafter, improper burning settings or incorrect nozzles will cause a misfire or excessive oil consumption.

Combustion test and unit adjustment

EMCO Tech Heating technicians use a combustion analyzer to test heating appliance settings and guarantee that all installed parts are correct for safe unit operation. Therefore, the oil heater combustion test will help replace the wrong parts for the oil burner and set the proper configuration of the blower and heat exchanger. And finally, the technician will get a report on whether the oil heater is clean and ready for the next heating season.

Inspect your oil furnace regularly throughout the heating season. Also, ensure that stack control is always free from soot dung during the entire heating season. All the moving parts of the system must be lubricated during operation. At the beginning of the heating season, you need to replace or clean the air filter and check the thermostat settings. As such, you should consider upgrading your heat control to a smart thermostat.

New Heater Installation Followed by Routine Tune-ups.

How Are Oil Furnaces Different From Gas Furnaces?

Oil furnaces and gas furnaces are two distinct types of heating systems. A primary and obvious difference lies in the fuel source they utilize to generate heat — while gas furnaces rely on natural gas to produce warmth, oil furnaces, as the name suggests, use heating oil as their fuel. This divergence in energy sources results in variations in the combustion process. 

In a gas furnace, natural gas is ignited to create a flame, which then heats the air circulating through the system. On the other hand, oil furnaces employ a burner with a nozzle that sprays oil into a fine mist which is then ignited, as mentioned earlier. Understanding these distinctions is vital when selecting the most suitable heating option for your building.

The Importance of a Properly Maintained Oil Furnace

Reliable Performance

Properly maintaining and repairing an oil furnace is essential to ensuring its continued performance. Regular oil furnace repair addresses issues such as clogged nozzles, dirty filters, and faulty ignition systems. Neglecting these maintenance tasks can result in a decline in the furnace’s efficiency — leading to inadequate heating and potential breakdowns. 

By promptly addressing any malfunctions through professional oil furnace repair, homeowners and businesses can ensure that their heating systems continue to operate at the desired temperature and keep indoor spaces comfortably heated during the colder months. This not only contributes to a more pleasant living environment but also lowers the chances of needing emergency repairs.


Safety is a major concern when it comes to oil furnaces, and proper maintenance and repair play a central role in keeping them safe. An unmaintained oil furnace may pose various risks, including the potential for fire hazards and the release of carbon monoxide.

A malfunctioning oil furnace, if not promptly repaired, may lead to incomplete combustion of fuel, resulting in the production of carbon monoxide — a colorless, odorless gas that can be deadly when inhaled. Regular inspections, cleaning, and professional oil furnace repair can mitigate these risks, providing homeowners and businesses with peace of mind and safeguarding against the dangers associated with a compromised heating system.

Energy Efficiency

In addition to improving safety, proper maintenance and repair can help improve the energy efficiency of an oil furnace. A well-maintained and properly repaired oil furnace operates more efficiently by using fuel more effectively to generate heat. When components such as the burner, nozzle, and filters are clean and functioning optimally, the furnace requires less fuel to achieve and maintain your desired temperature.

This translates to lower energy bills, as the furnace maximizes its heating output while minimizing fuel consumption. As such, regular oil furnace maintenance — including cleaning and inspections — ensures that the system operates at peak efficiency and contributes to both cost savings and increased comfort.

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