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Ductless Minisplits

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Ductless Minisplit units in Philadelphia

What is a Ductless Mini-Split?Ductless minisplit air handler

Ductless Mini-splits are peat pump heating and cooling systems that allow you to control the temperatures individually in each room of your house. Such equipment does not require air ducts to distribute conditioned air. In addition to ductless nature, these minisplits have separate blowers for each conditioned room.

All Ductless Minisplits have two very important components — an outdoor condenser and an indoor air-handling unit or multiple units. They are less labor intense to install. In addition to that usually requiring only a three-inch opening in a wall for the conduit; which houses the power and communication cables, copper tubing, and a condensation drain line, linking the outdoor and indoor units.

Mini-split ductless heat pumps are not only great solutions for whole home or new constructions but make good retrofit add-ons to houses with “non-ducted” heating systems, such as hydronic (hot water heat), radiant panels, and space heaters (oil, wood, kerosene, propane).  A lot of older raw homes in Philadelphia do not have enough space for conventional central HVAC system installation.  Moreover ductless minisplits are also a good choice for room additions where extending or installing distribution ductwork is not feasible, and energy-efficient new homes that require only a small space conditioning system.

Ductless Mini-Splits vs. Central Air Ductless minisplit condenser

Mini-split systems have little-to-no ducts, thus they do not lose energy through the ductwork of central forced air systems. Duct losses can account for more than 30% of energy consumption for space conditioning, especially if the ducts are in the crawl space, lower level basement, or attic.

Central air systems require costly and complicated ductwork. Most homeowners who have examined the price of traditional ductwork and HVAC system install know that mini-split is much more affordable and desirable.

EMCO Tech is offering full line of Fujitsu Ductless Minisplit Systems

From traditional single zone non-ducted units to service single room, to multizone systems with 2 or more indoor evaporating air handlers. Various combinations of indoor units can be installed: wall mounted, floor mounted, compact cassette. Moreover slim duct options are available to provide airflow from multiple locations. Philly residents should contact EMCO Tech Heating & Cooling to schedule complimentary on site consultation for new ductless unit installation. Call not 215.366.1001 or have us call you

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