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Oil Heater Tune-Up

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What’s included in an Annual Tune-Up for Oil Fuel Heating Systems?

Services to be performed by HVAC technician during routine heating system maintenance of oil furnaces or oil boilers:

  • Replace nozzle and oil filter
  • Clean and adjust electrodes
  • Clean ignition transformer contacts
  • Purge oil line
  • Test system
  • Labor, and parts additional
  • Routine tune-up once per year for oil heating systems, and 2 times per year for dual purpose oil boilers with domestic hot water
oil heater tune-up

EMCO Tech Heating Technician may recommend oil boiler maintenance services:

  • Purging radiators & water pipes
  • Heat exchanger cleaning
  • Steam system flush and sediment cleaning
  • Additional accessories and code upgrades


Why it is Important do Tune-Up & Preventive Maintenance Oil Furnace and Boiler?

When operating a furnace or a boiler working on liquid fuel (oil) in a residential or a commercial property, the main factor for trouble-free operation is the preventative tune-ups and cleaning of the boiler (mechanical and chemical), maintenance and adjustment of the burner. Usually homeowners don’t pay attention to this which may lead to the premature failure of the oil burner or even a whole system.

Keep in mind that:

  • Small deposits on the inner walls of the combustion chamber may lead to a decrease in the oil boiler efficiency by 10-15%.
  • Cleaning of oil boilers should be carried out at least twice a year, in some cases three times a year. Cleaning of the boiler must be performed both chemical and mechanical.
  • Frequency of preventive maintenance depends on the quality of oil and its usage.

These are the mostly found main factors of contamination and failure of the oil furnace or boiler:

  • Improper and/or lack of adjustment of the burner to the parameters of combustion of oil
  • Improper and/or incorrect maintenance of the oil furnace
  • Incorrect adjustment of the control automatics
  • Poor quality of the fuel line installation
  • Low quality fuel oil
  • Lack of a fuel filter in front of the burner with bleeding of the fuel system
  • Quality materials used for the installation furnace and boiler equipment
oil heating radiator

The advantages of qualified and professional oil furnace tune-up and preventive maintenance:

  • Reduction of fuel costs up to 20% and in some cases up to 30%
  • Increase in the efficiency and lifetime of the oil furnace system
  • Reduction of the heating time in the heat exchanger
  • Furnace and burner failure-free operation during the cold winter months
  • Pollutant emissions into the environment, saving the nature

It’s very important to make sure that HVAC contractor which provides oil furnace maintenance has a valid certificate of the manufacturer, authorizing the company to perform works on oil furnace installation, repairs and maintenance.

In case of the absence of a valid certificate from your oil furnace or boiler manufacturer warranty may be voided. EMCO Tech Preferred oil boiler equipment manufacturer is Weil McLain.

Also, we highly recommend you no to carry out works on oil furnace maintenance by yourself as this may lead to serious health injuries and potential damage. Let EMCO Tech aka Emergency Maintenance Company service technicians handle all of your oil heater needs.


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