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Air Duct Design

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Air Duct Design, Installation, and Repair

air duct installationCentral air conditioner is a complex system, which is as effective as the air ducts that deliver conditioned air. To experience all benefits of your air conditioning and heating system, the ductwork must calculated and installed by experts. Attic air duct system services second floor rooms through ceiling registers. Basement ductwork runs under floors on it’s way to first floor rooms through floors. Furnace air vents that deliver hot air in winter are also used for air conditioning during Summer months in Philadelphia.

How Does a Duct System Work, and Why is it So Important?

The air distribution system in your home commonly called the “ducts” is used to heat and cool your home is a network of tubes that distribute the heated or cooled air to the different rooms in your home. This branching network of round or rectangular tubes—usually constructed of sheet metal, fiberglass board, or a flexible plastic-and-wire composite—is found within the walls of your home.

The duct system is designed to supply rooms with air that is “conditioned”—that is, heated or cooled by the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment—and to circulate or return the same volume of air back to the HVAC equipment.

Usually, air-duct systems lose 25 to 40% of the heating or cooling energy put out by the cooling and heating system. Leaks are a very common reason why conditioned air is lost in the duct system, which makes the HVAC system work harder, thus increasing your energy bill. In addition, duct leakage can lessen comfort and endanger your health and safety.

Your duct system has two main air-transfer systems—supply and return. The supply side delivers the conditioned air to your home through individual room registers which what you feel blowing out of threw your heating vents. The return side withdraws inside air and delivers it to the air handler of your central system. All of the air drawn into the return duct(s) is conditioned and should be delivered back to the heating registers.

A/C installation

Central Air Duct Services offered by EMCO Tech in Philadelphia and Eastern PA

  • Complete System Design and Installationair duct system
  • Sheet Metal
  • Ventilation System Services
  • High Velocity Ductwork Design and Installation
  • Exhaust Duct Repair and Installation
  • Commercial and Residential Air Duct Cleaning
  • Whole House Air Purifiers
  • Electronic Air Cleaners
  • Humidifier Installation and Replacement

Avoid Incorrect Air Flow

  • Temperature is not even in different rooms and areas of conditioned space.
  • Excess moisture accumulation. HVAC system is not removing extra humidity effectively.
  • Air blowing out of ducts grilles and registers with annoying noise.
  • Incorrectly designed air duct system could add 10% or more to your electric bill.

Before HVAC Installation is done

Duct system is designed, layout and locations of the ducts are chosen, decision is made about materials, all sizes are calculated, insulation areas and levels are located, and registers are selected. Installation of air ducts ensures that critical
elements are thought through:

• Integrity mechanically: the system will stay as designed and built for the life of conditioned space, without leaks, obstructions, or
insulation wear.

• Adequate insulation: conditioned air does not loose target temperature through unconditioned spaces.

• No leaks: air handler moves and delivers all air to spaces and rooms intended to be conditioned.

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