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Heat Pump Repair & Installation Services

Selecting the right heat pump for your home or office with help of experienced HVAC engineers and technicians in Philadelphia area. Heat pumps often preferred choice of heating system over radiant or furnace heating systems, and it’s all for obvious reasons. The main reason is their ability to produce central air conditioning.

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Heat Pump Installation Services

If you want to improve your home comfort and save money on your energy bills, you should consider installing a heat pump. A heat pump is a device that transfers heat from one place to another using electricity. For starters heat pump provides forced air cooling as well as heating. So, it can serve you as a heater and an air conditioner, depending on the season. It does not produce ozone depleting carbon emissions. Such systems are consume less energy, compared to consumption of conventional electric or gas furnace. Heat pumps are energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and versatile. They can reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to 50%, lower your carbon footprint, and provide heating and cooling for your home.

Electricity powered forced air and heating units

But installing a heat pump is not a DIY project. You need a local HVAC technician who can help you with choosing and installing the best heat pump for your home and budget. It is important to consult with mechanical field expert regardless of your intentions. EMCO Tech Heating and Cooling is the company, that will help get the perfect heat pump that will addresses all your heating and cooling needs. Having been in the HVAC industry long enough, our technical experience and expertise allow us to provide exceptional HVAC services for your Philly home. Additionally, our locations in Willow Grove, Montco, all of Bucks County, as well as Chester and Delaware Counties are always here to help.

Emergency Heat Pump Maintenance

Here is why you should choose EMCO for electric HVAC installation when searching for “heat pump service near me”. We are a trusted and experienced HVAC company in Philly area, serving our customers for over 20 years. We offer quality services and products at attractive prices. Moreover, we offer free estimates and flexible financing options. Our technicians will come out quickly for any emergency replacements and installation jobs. You can ask for same day diagnosis of broken electric HVAC unit.

Air handlers and heat pumps in your area

Let’s dive into some detail here. EMCO Tech Heating & Cooling professional HVAC technician will help you with the following:

  • Sizing. A heat pump needs to be properly sized for your home, based on factors such as square footage, insulation, climate, and more. A wrong-sized heat pump can cause problems such as poor performance, high energy bills, or frequent breakdowns.
  • Choosing. A heat pump needs to be compatible with your existing ductwork and electrical system. You also need to consider the features, efficiency ratings, warranties, and prices of different models and brands. A professional HVAC technician can help you find the best heat pump for your home and budget.
  • Installing. A heat pump needs to be installed correctly and safely, following the manufacturer’s instructions and local codes. A factory trained HVAC technician can ensure that your heat pump is installed properly and securely, avoiding any potential risks or damages.

How to pick the right heat pump system

Heat pump models vary in their features and performance. You want to get the best system that matches your budget and your heating and cooling needs. This may require you to do some detailed heat load calculations to determine the right size of the heat pump. Don’t forget that the HVAC unit you install should heat and cool the space efficiently. It’s important to do all required heat load calculations and make sure your appliance is the right size. You should consider all the relevant factors before choosing the suitable heat pump system.

Heat pump service technicians

Difference between air handler and electric furnace.

Another term for air handler is fan coil. This actually defines the primary difference from electric furnace equipment. They both have fan to move the air through air ducts, and electric heating element serving as auxiliary source of heat in air handler. Fan coil has evaporator coil, which in fact serves as indoor component of heat pump system. In quick highlight, you’re expected to look at your home’s insulation, the ventilation, weather stripping, the ductwork and the quality of indoor air components before deciding on the size and model to purchase.
But that’s NOT where it all ends. You’ll also be required to look into the energy efficiency of the system you’re about to purchase. Speaking of which, heat pumps arrive with two different ratings – SEER for the cooling efficiency and the HSPF for the heating efficiency.

Timely repairs and proper maintenance of your electric HVAC unit.

Learn about heat pump repair services. Manufacturing and regulations SEER rating models are going up every year.  The higher efficiency comes with high initial installation costs, but lower energy consumption and savings over time.
So before you rush into getting any heat pump installed, take your time and look into the different options. There are many companies in front of you and the decision you make is likely to affect you over the long haul. As any educated consumer should be looking into the future, not just the short term benefits alone. EMCO offers maintenance and repair services for both – air conditioning and heating parts of the system.

Professional heat pump diagnosis and repair by EMCO Tech Heating and Cooling.

What is the average lifespan of electrical heating and cooling units? Heat pumps have been consumers preference for their life span for quite some time. Majority of units nowadays last 15 to 20 years, and more.

Compressor quality, amount of time system is running throughout a year, outdoor weather conditions, and regularly performed preventive maintenance all factor in HVAC unit life cycle. Most equipment manufacturers offer 5-10 year warranties on the major parts, so your family is comfortable for a long time. However, only experienced professionals will ensure manufacturer mandated efficiency of the appliance. All homeowners should be searching for certified technicians for heating pump installation in Montgomery County. Click here to view the list the most common areas we serve.

Heat Pump Repair Technicians in Montgomery and Bucks Counties

Constant HVAC education provides the ability to properly diagnose and repair electric forced air equipment. This is what makes EMCO Tech serviceman trusted professionals in the trade. How does the forced air heat pump units operate:

Operation cycle of a conventional heat pump system. Let us give you some simple explanation of this process. During Summer months freon turns from liquid into vapor in evaporator coil inside indoor air handler absorbing heat from air. Then, turns back into liquid through outside condenser coil and compressor getting rid of heat. With colder weather heat pump is producing warm air the same way, but through reverse cycle using reversing valve.

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“A heat pump’s refrigeration system consists of a compressor and two coils made of copper tubing (one indoors and one outside), which are surrounded by aluminum fins to aid heat transfer. In heating mode, liquid refrigerant in the outside coils extracts heat from the air and evaporates into a gas. The indoor coils release heat from the refrigerant as it condenses back into a liquid. Reversing valve can change the direction of refrigerant flow for cooling as well as for defrosting the outdoor coils in winter.”

What is heat pump article from our HVAC manufacturing partner Carrier –

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