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Medical Office, Montgomery County, PA

Commercial Central Air and Heat Project Complete. Increased air conditioning capacity; greater reliability; commercial HVAC appliances solutions for significant energy savings ; reduced noise and vibration; as well as the mechanical maintenance and other issues associated with oil heaters, pumps, separators, air filters and disposal.


Mechanical contractors claimed that the obsolescence of existing HVAC equipment parts and aging forced air and hydronic systems allowed no other option. Room air temperatures ranged from 64 to 78 degrees.


EMCO Tech Heating & Cooling aka Emergency Maintenance Company Experts proposed an all-inclusive, fixed-cost service agreement to assume the responsibility for preventative maintenance, repairs and HVAC equipment replacement for a fraction of the cost.

Medical Office

Emergency Maintenance Company

November 2013 – May 2014


Learn more about commercial AC services and maintenance solutions we offer to our customers:

Ductless equipment is a great option for efficient energy consumption. Variety of mini split options are available on the market starting from single zone non-ducted wall mount and going all the way up to complex commercial systems.

Seasonal central AC maintenance services will protect your cooling systems from unexpected breakdowns. Follow this link to schedule Spring Air Conditioning Tune-Up or learn more about AC efficiency in this post.

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