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Schedule Duct Cleaning

If your ductwork is the delivery system for all your cool air, thus, keeping it clean is one of the ways of keeping it effective. It is recommended that schedule duct cleaning should be done every three to five years.

How Important is it To Clean My Ductwork?

If you are looking to maximize your cooling this summer, then cleaning your ductwork would be the best option. Cleaning your ductwork helps you to achieve better comfort levels, better energy efficiency, less stress with your AC system and better indoor air quality especially for those people who frequently experience allergies.

Is it possible to do it Myself?

The duct cleaning experts at EMCO Tech – Emergency Maintenance Company not only bring a level of training and skill to one’s duct cleaning appointment, but they also come with professional tools that assist in guaranteeing that the job is done in the correct manner. Some of the tools entail visual equipment like specialized brushes, fiber optic cameras, vacuums, and removal equipment; hence, these ensure the contents of one’s dirt ducts do not spill back once they have been cleaned. If one is capable of bringing all the above-mentioned items in their ductwork, then they can go ahead and clean their ducts, however, if they cannot then they should leave it to the ductwork cleaning experts.

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