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Air Conditioning tune-up and maintenance services

Springtime AC Tune-up and Maintenance

EMCO Tech Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

In early April, air conditioning is usually not top of mind for Philadelphia residents. Even as winter ends and the Philadelphia region experiences warmer weather, many locals still use heat, and evening temperatures can still dip below 40 degrees. However, now is a perfect time to schedule an air conditioning tune-up or maintenance. 

Why timely preventive AC maintenance service is important

Ideally, most homeowners will schedule two HVAC tune ups per year: before the winter season and before the summer season. In our experience at EMCO Tech Heating and Cooling, homeowners reliably schedule pre-winter heating tune ups but fail to schedule pre-summer air conditioning tune-ups. 

Unfortunately, we often hear from the same homeowners in mid-July when the temperatures are scorching. Common complaints include underperforming air conditioning systems or broken systems that no longer cool the air. 

Emergency air conditioning services (more info)

EMCO Tech strives to service all customers within our coverage area quickly and reliably, especially in the case of sudden emergencies. Still, unfortunately, some homeowners will inevitably suffer hours or days of uncomfortable conditions waiting for parts or new system replacements. 

Do not procrastinate until your HVAC unit needs repairs! You can easily evade most system problems with regular maintenance. Learn about our Spring AC Tune Up Specials.

We can help you ensure your AC performs optimally while avoiding last-minute repairs. Contact us today to schedule your tune-up. And if you are not convinced that you need AC maintenance, read the top three benefits of AC tune-ups below.

The Top Five Benefits of AC Tune-Ups

Many customers fail to schedule yearly air conditioning tuneups because they are unaware of the benefits of routine HVAC maintenance (for heating and cooling). However, routine AC tune-ups can offer appreciable and unexpected benefits. 

Cost Savings 

Most customers understand that a new air conditioning system is costly. A new air conditioning unit can cost $2500 – $7500, and if you need to install the new unit and ductwork, you may pay up to $6000 – $1200 (source). 

A yearly AC tuneup, which will extend your AC unit’s lifespan and increase efficiency, will cost $70-$100. Considering the potential costs of a new unit, extending your current unit’s lifespan with low-cost maintenance is common-sense insurance. 

Regular maintenance also ensures that you catch potential problems before they become more significant issues, reducing the need for costly repairs—or a new system. 

EMCO Tech Heating & Cooling offers an annual AC tune up with discount, that makes it appreciably lower than most HVAC companies. 

Extending Your AC Unit’s Lifespan

The average AC unit lasts 12-17 years, but you can feasibly keep your system strong for 20 years—assuming it’s well-maintained. 

Increased Efficiency 

Regular AC tune ups can increase your cooling unit’s efficiency. An AC maintenance technician will determine if your system needs cleaning, including the blades and coils, and cleaner parts work more efficiently, cooling the air without extra energy expenditures. 

You will enjoy more comfortable indoor air and reduced costs. 

Improved Indoor Air Quality

As noted above, a trained AC maintenance technician will clean your system. A clean system ensures cleaner indoor air. 

By removing debris in the HVAC unit, your technician will ensure that unhealthy contaminants do not enter your duct system, compromising your indoor air quality. EMCO Tech offers a quick and seamless duct cleaning service if you need duct cleaning. 

Maintain Your Warranty 

Many HVAC units require yearly maintenance to maintain the warranty. If you are unsure whether your warrant requires maintenance, check your warranty or call your unit’s manufacturer. 

As the popular home improvement website Bob Vila notes, “Care of a cooling system calls for not only regular maintenance, but comprehensive maintenance.”

Call EMCO Tech today or schedule your next appointment online! We strive to give homeowners peace of mind. Our regular AC tune-ups ensure you optimize your system for performance and longevity.

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