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How Can Defective Ductwork Affect My Air Conditioner

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How Can Defective Ductwork Affect My Air Conditioner

Summer seasons are always bunch of nice and hot days. It often becomes uncomfortably hot all over Philadelphia area. Many of us rely on the cooling provided by their home air conditioning system. Great move would be to have AC system tune-up and maintenance done by professional technicians at EMCO Tech before summer season. Nevertheless, certain air conditioning repairs have often proven unsuccessful, leading to the limited or poor performance of the AC system. This leads to questions about fully operating air conditioner not providing sufficient comfort for home or office occupants.

Signs of Bad Ductwork System

Detecting defective ductwork requires searching for the following signs;

  • Remarkably dusty living spaces – defective ductwork system facilitates entry of dust into the system and further spreading them to the interior of your house.
  • Increased humidity levels inside the house as moisture cannot be properly dissipated between the inside and outside environments.
  • Mold/mildew build up in the ductwork system and parts of the house due to the excess moisture.

Effects of a malfunctioning Ductwork System on the Air Conditioner

A malfunction ductwork system will result in certain negative consequences affecting the AC system’s efficiency. These include;

  • The overworking of the air conditioner to compensate for the loss of air through the faulty ductwork system to try and maintain temperature and humidity levels.
  • The extra work further warrants for extra power consumption, which is costly to maintain.
  • Moreover, the AC will also begin to wear down much faster than usual over time.

Bottom line

You need to frequently employ professional HVAC repair company like Emergency Maintenance Company to ensure that your ductwork system is up to code and in excellent condition before the summer season sets.

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  • Max O I like your post. you really mentioned some nice tips about how can defective ductwork disturb my air conditioner. Thanks for sharing this post. Reply

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