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Is Your Furnace Failing? Look for These Eight Warning Signs!

Importance of Early Furnace Problems Detection

Have you woken up freezing on a cold winter’s night? Unless you accidentally left the window open, you may have a broken furnace. For many homeowners, unfortunately, this experience is all too familiar. To paraphrase Ernest Hemingway, heaters often fail “gradually, then suddenly.” And to add to the misery, many homeowners must wait days or weeks to repair or replace the heater.

For over a decade, EMCO Tech Heating & Cooling has dedicated itself to serving the heating needs of residents across Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware, and Chester Counties, PA. Witnessing the discomfort a malfunctioning heating system brings to a home, we advocate for early detection and preventive action. Given that furnaces and boilers, generally last 15-20 years, recognizing the early signs of malfunction can spare homeowners the ordeal of sudden failures.

Furnace or boiler maintenance is not just about prolonging its life but ensuring your home remains a haven of warmth when you most need it. By being vigilant and responsive to the following warning signs, you can address potential issues before they escalate into major failures.

An Unavoidable Factor is Your Furnace Heater Age

Whether it’s a heating system, furnace, or boiler, if it’s nearing or has surpassed the 15-20 year mark, its efficiency and reliability diminish. Anticipating and planning for its replacement can prevent unexpected breakdowns during peak winter times.

Dust and Air Quality Deterioration

Signs of a Failing System. An unusual increase in dust or a decline in indoor air quality can indicate your furnace heating system’s inability to filter air properly. Changing the air filter is a start, but persistent issues necessitate a professional evaluation.

Loss of Efficiency and Escalating Utility Bills

A significant rise in your utility bills often signals a loss of efficiency in your gas furnace, boiler, or any other heating system. This inefficiency not only strains your budget but also points towards the end of your system’s optimal functioning period.

furnace issues

Yellow Flame or Pilot Light

A Warning of Hazardous Conditions. A yellow flame or pilot light, especially in furnaces and boilers, suggests improper combustion, which could lead to dangerous carbon monoxide levels. This condition demands immediate attention from heating professionals.

Unusual Noises from Furnace System are the Sound of Pending Repairs

Heating systems, such as furnace should operate relatively quietly. Loud, strange noises such as banging, whirring, or rattling often precede the failure of critical components, indicating the need for urgent maintenance or replacement.

Inconsistent Heating or Cold Air

Additional Direct Signs of Malfunction: A furnace or boiler that emits cold air or fails to heat all rooms evenly is clearly malfunctioning. These symptoms could stem from various issues, including thermostat problems, clogged filters, or failing parts, each requiring prompt professional attention.

Frequent Repairs and Higher Annual Heating Service Costs

The cycle of constant repairs can be as financially draining as the cost of a new furnace, boiler or other type of heating system. EMCO Tech advises against piecemeal fixes, especially for older systems, recommending replacement with more efficient models.

Another Threat to Heating Efficiency is Short Cycling

Short cycling, a condition where the furnace or boiler frequently turns on and off, can lead to complete failure. This phenomenon often indicates an overheated exchanger or other serious issues.

If your furnace heating system, or boiler exhibits any of these warning signs, it’s crucial to take immediate action. EMCO Tech Heating and Cooling is committed to ensuring the warmth and comfort of homes in Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware, and Chester Counties, PA. Also, visit EMCO Tech Google Local page to see our clients reviews. Contact us today for an expert evaluation and to secure your home’s warmth for the winter ahead.


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  • instinct raw boost cat food rabbit This post is excellent peace of information for a furnace owners like myself. It definitely has all the information I wanted about what to look for in my aging gas furnace heater. It seems to be working fine at the moment, but I was concerned about this subject and didn’t know who to ask. Reply
    • EMCO Editor Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts on our blog post, "Is Your Furnace Failing? Look for These Eight Warning Signs!" We're thrilled to hear that you found the information valuable and that it addressed your concerns as a furnace owner. Your feedback encourages us to continue providing content that is helpful and relevant to our readers. It's always a pleasure to know that our efforts to share insights on furnace maintenance and potential issues resonate with homeowners like yourself. If you ever have more questions or need further information on our gas furnace services and care tips, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to help you ensure that your heating system stays in top-notch condition, especially during the colder months. Thanks again for your positive feedback, and we appreciate your trust in EMCO Tech Heating and Cooling. We wish you a Happy Holidays this year! Reply

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