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Keep Coronavirus out of Your Home – Fight the Viruses with Your HVAC system!

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 By making smart decisions you can reduce the likelihood of viruses spreading.

1.       Change your air filter! We can’t say it enough. Filters should be changed monthly to catch and reduce tiny particles in the air that can spread viruses.

2.       Moisture the air! Humidity affects how long the virus is stable and dramatically reduces how contagious the virus is. Studies have found that the reason flu season is in the winter due to the lack of humidity.

3.       Keep your house temperatures warm! Warm air holds more moisture (see previous section). Additionally, body natural defenses are less active in the cold.

4.       UV lights! Install in-duct UV light to sanitize the air flowing through your vents and kill airborne bacteria and viruses.

Reach out to us 215.366.1001 whether you need your heating system checked, interested in humidifier or UV light installation, or simply want us to change your filter. Stay healthy with EMCO Tech Heating & Cooling!

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