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Prevent AC breakdowns this Summer with EMCO Tech - Woman has a broken AC

Will Your A/C Survive the Hot Season? How to Prevent AC Breakdowns This Summer

As the temperatures gradually skyrocket throughout the Summer, the last thing you want is for your air conditioner to break down when you need it most. Will your A/C survive the hot season? How to prevent AC breakdowns this summer is crucial for maintaining a comfortable home. Regular maintenance and a few proactive steps can make all the difference in keeping your system running smoothly. Discover the skilled HVAC contractor suggestions to keep your air conditioner running, protecting you from unexpected repairs and high energy bills. Let’s dive into essential strategies for a cool and worry-free summer.

Critical Steps to Prevent AC Breakdowns This Summer

While the temperatures begin to climb, following HVAC preventive maintenance measures becomes vital to protect your air conditioner from breaking down. Here are some essential tips to ensure your AC remains in peak condition:

  • Regular Air Filter Replacement: Dirty air filters can severely impact your AC’s efficiency, leading to potential breakdowns. Replace or clean your air filters monthly to ensure proper airflow and reduce strain on your system.
  • Clean All Vents and Registers: Dust and debris can block airflow, causing your AC to work harder than necessary. Make sure to clean all vents and registers regularly to maintain optimal performance. Moreover, look for our special offers and schedule our professional air duct cleaning service.
  • Check for Signs of Water Leaks: Water leaks can indicate issues with your AC’s condensate drain or refrigerant levels. Inspect your unit for any signs of leaks and address them promptly to avoid bigger problems.
  • Adjust Your Thermostat: Using a programmable thermostat can help reduce the workload on your AC. Set higher temperatures when you’re not home and lower them just before you return.
  • Maintain Ceiling Fans: Ceiling fans can help circulate cool air, reducing the burden on your air conditioner. Make sure your fans are in good working order and use them in conjunction with your AC.
  • Schedule Professional Maintenance: A comprehensive preventive maintenance inspection by a certified HVAC technician can identify and fix potential issues before they become major problems. Schedule a tune-up to ensure your system is ready for the summer heat. Watch our exclusive 22-point AC tune-up video for a detailed look at our process

By following these tips, you can keep your AC running efficiently and avoid unexpected breakdowns, ensuring a comfortable and cool home all summer long.

Comprehensive Preventive Maintenance by EMCO Tech

With hotter than normal temperatures forecasted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric for the coming months, it’s more important than ever to ensure your air conditioner is prepared. Regular preventive maintenance, like changing air filters and duct cleaning, helps keep your HVAC system running efficiently, potentially saving energy and lowering your cooling bills. Extreme heat, clogged vents, or faulty wiring can overtax your system, leading to AC failure at the worst possible time.

EMCO Tech is ready to handle all your HVAC needs, from preventive maintenance and emergency repairs to new system recommendations and installations. A comprehensive preventive maintenance inspection and service by an EMCO Tech certified HVAC technician can save you from costly repairs and ensure you stay comfortable in your home all summer long.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Let one of our licensed HVAC pros ensure your AC is prepared for the whole summer. Schedule your maintenance today and enjoy a worry-free, cool season.

How to Prevent AC Breakdowns This Summer - woman with fan and no AC

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Original post December 15, 2017

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