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Loft Apartment Spiral Ductwork Installation Bristol, PA 19007

EMCO Tech Heating and Cooling air duct design professionals found a solution and improved cosmetic look of heating and cooling equipment. A cost-effective air duct layout was installed with an appropriately-sized, self-concealed heat pump, providing an efficient and effective ventilation system. As a result, the loft apartment was able to maintain consistent temperature levels throughout the space, delivering comfort to the occupants. A fixed-cost service agreement was implemented for preventative maintenance, repairs, and equipment replacement, reducing costs for any future service needs and ensuring continual comfort. Modern view on post COVID indoor air quality concerns.


During work being performed on a loft apartment in Bristol, PA, contractors renovating the unit were having difficulty creating space for concealed ductwork to provide ventilation to the space. Thereafter, they contacted EMCO Tech Heating & Cooling looking for a cost-effective solution that would provide adequate ventilation without compromising the existing layout of the apartment. Read more about benefits of new central air conditioner installation article

HVAC Heat Pump Solutions

After a thorough inspection of the apartment, the HVAC specialists at EMCO Tech proposed exposed spiral ductwork that would accentuate the existing cosmetic appeal of the loft layout and provide sufficient ventilation throughout the space. Learn more here about things you should know about AC.

Importance of Proper HVAC Ductwork Installation

The heating and cooling equipment in your home is essential for maintaining a comfortable living environment. However, it can be unsightly and take up valuable space. That’s why we’ve developed a cost-effective air duct layout that provides an efficient and effective ventilation system while also improving the cosmetic look of your equipment.

Self-Contained Heat Pump System with Spiral Air Ducts

Our appropriately-sized, self-concealed heat pump ensures consistent temperature levels throughout your space, delivering comfort to you and your family. Additionally, we’ve implemented a fixed-cost service agreement for preventative maintenance, repairs, and equipment replacement. This agreement reduces costs for any future service needs while ensuring continual comfort.

Of course, by choosing our services, you’ll enjoy a more comfortable living environment with improved aesthetics. Contact EMCO Tech Heating and Cooling aka Emergency Maintenance today to learn more about our services.

EMCO Tech: Your Expert HVAC Contractor for Spiral Ductwork Installation in Bristol 19007

EMCO Tech Heating & Cooling have been providing top-quality HVAC installation services in 19007 and the surrounding areas since 2006. Our company of specializes in spiral ductwork installation, heat pump systems, and a wide range of other HVAC system services. Moreover, we guarantee the correct heat pump unit installation for our clients. Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your central heating and air conditioning system.

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September 2019

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Poor air flow from existing HVAC system in the loft apartment located in Bristol Pennsylvania

Improved Cosmetic Look of Heating and Cooling Equipment: A Cost-Effective Air Duct Layout