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Types of Air Conditioners - 2 AC units

Best Types of Central Air Conditioners for Your Home

Your Guide to Picking the Right Air Conditioner in Philadelphia

Looking to get the best central air conditioning in Philadelphia? Don’t know how to go about it or which one to choose? The first thing is to know why you need HVAC. Air conditioning does a lot more than just cool the air. For one, it helps to dehumidify indoor air. This makes your home and office feel much more comfortable with humid outdoor environment.

The Types of Air Conditioners You Can Choose in Philadelphia

You have access to two different HVAC options. The first one is ducted split heating and cooling unit. The second is packaged or ductless air conditioner. Split air conditioning system have evaporator coil with furnace or air handler with air duct distribution system throughout home or office. Straight cool condenser or heat pump unit is placed outside. Ductless mini split is perfect option for South Philadelphia home owners in zip codes – 19112, 19145, 19146, 19147, 19148. It consists of outdoor condensing unit and indoor air handling unit. Packaged air conditioners are designed to be indoors and have air ducts installed inside the house itself. Also, they often include heating or furnaces to power them.

Air conditioning system provides benefits for homes and offices besides just cooling comfort. Efficient air circulation and filtration. Dehumidification prolongs lifespan of building materials.

How Should You Upgrade Your Types of Air Conditioners?

If you are looking to upgrade, go in for central air conditioner. They are quieter while cooling rooms evenly and comfortably comparing to room air conditioners. Moreover, energy efficiency should also be taken into consideration since the average HVAC system using about 2,000 kilowatts of energy every year. That effectively translates to 3,500 pounds of carbon dioxide as well as 51 pounds of sulfur dioxide that is released into the atmosphere.

Another important thing to note – The above figure is still less as today’s air conditioners use as much as 30% less energy compared to the ones designed three to four decades back. However, no matter what air conditioner you choose, a few simple tips like having professional HVAC tech install it will increase its efficiency up a few notches. And if you do need to replace your older air conditioners, we would ask you to go in for energy efficient models as they are environment-friendly. Air Conditioning SEER rating should be at least 14.

How Do You Take Care of Your Air Conditioner?

Looking for the right type of repair for your air conditioner in Philadelphia?
Your AC can break down, requiring HVAC system repairs. We recommend hiring a skilled, reliable company that offers reasonable prices.

In order to make the job easier and yield better results, keep in mind these tips for air conditioning and furnace repairs.

  • Inspect the filters, blower, ducts, and coils for any kind of obstruction or dirt periodically.
  • Take out time to clean the filters once every month. If need be, get in touch with an HVAC system repair company and get it replaced. Your system might stop working as it should if the filter is clogged.
  • Regularly inspect your HVAC system for pooling water or sudden leaks.
  • Check for broken sealants or cracks around air ducts, the air conditioning system, or the furnace.
  • Examine outdoor condensers for grass, debris, or other obstructions that could clog the system or hinder performance.

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