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End of Summer AC Repairs You Might Need

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End of Summer AC Repairs You Might Need

Late summer is a popular season for many reasons, including the hot weather that we all enjoy.  Pools, beaches and suntan lotion may be fun, but the last month of the summer can be the hardest on our home’s air conditioning systems.  After several months of hard work, your air conditioning system may begin to show signs of lagging towards the end of the season.  Though the cooler months are in sight, there are several repairs that our techs focus on during the home stretch of the Summer:

Replacing failed capacitors.  The capacitor is at the heart of any functioning air conditioner; this is the primary force behind the power that is transmitted to the motors and therefore to the fans and compressors themselves.  Extended heat can damage capacitors and impair their ability to transmit that charge.  As a result, the motors of your unit may cease to function.  A technician changing out these warped capacitors can fix this issue.

Sealing refrigerant leaking or recharging refrigerant.  Older air conditioning units, especially those that are four to five years old, commonly exhibit leaking within the refrigerant lines, which directly affects the unit’s cooling capacity.  If untreated, compressor burnout is a real risk.  Finding, sealing or replacing these leaks can be performed by technicians to ensure the problem does not persist

Filthy outdoor coil.  The condenser coil is a method of exhausting heat from the unit itself, and when grass, dust, and dirt clog these coils, the heat being expelled can be hindered.  Trapped heat can overburden the system or trip circuit breakers.  Technicians can clean these coils and ensure the system can perform adequately.

If your AC is lagging or you think it is in need of maintenance please call EMCO Tech Air Conditioning –  HVAC repair company in Philadelphia

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