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What You Should Know about “Hard Starting” and Its Effect on an Air Conditioner

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What You Should Know about “Hard Starting” and Its Effect on an Air Conditioner

Hard-starting can occur in any mechanical device that uses capacitors, compressors, and motors to run operations. Like any other device, air conditioners can also malfunction and experience difficulties when starting. Any efforts to turn on an air conditioner will result in a grinding sound, and the device will turn off soon after. It can be disappointing especially in the summer when the weather conditions are dire, and one has to maintain room temperature.

Common reasons why your air conditioner can get a hard starting condition. A hard starting condition is likely to occur if an air conditioner has failing capacitors. Capacitors are responsible for temporary storing power that is vital when initiating or running operations. If the capacitors fail to save sufficient energy, it can prove futile to start an air conditioner.
Overheating can affect capacitors and reduce their ability to store energy. If an air conditioner makes funny noises when starting, you should consider replacing the capacitors. You can also think of other conditions like loose wires or parts of an air conditioner.

Lack of maintenance procedures can also result in hard starting. You should consider lubricating the motor and fixing the compressor before summer. Such repair efforts reduce wear and tear and ensure the device is durable.

The effects of hard-starting on an air conditioner If a device experiences hard starting, it is likely to break down in the future as it signals some of the parts require replacements. It can affect the motor or the compressor which are expensive to repair or replace. It can also cause overheating. It can also result in an escalation of energy bills as it uses additional power to start and run. It is advisable for an individual to consult with professionals and schedule maintenance processes.

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