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Issues You Might Have with Your Electric Furnace

Electric furnaces are more dependable than traditional gas furnaces, they also break down less thus require fewer repairs and maintenance than natural gas systems and can last for up to a decade longer.

Even with all of that being said an electric furnace still can malfunction and need to be repaired. We have compiled a listed of the Top 5 most common reasons why an electric furnace may break or be in need of an HVAC tech in Philadelphia

Blower motor Brun out

The blower motor is like a fan that sends air through the heating elements and then into the ventilation system. When the motor has too much dirt, dust, or loses lubrication, it can overheat and fuse the wires in its casing. If the fan for your electric furnace stops working entirely, you may need to have a burnt-out motor replaced.

The sequencer

An electric furnace works by turning on a series of electric heating elements that generate heat through coils. Unfortunately, the heating systems cannot all turn on at once, because this will put too much of a strain on the system and overload the circuit. Thus, the sequencer staggers out turning the elements on and off. A broken sequencer can result in a tripped circuit breaker or a furnace that is not producing enough heating elements to keep you and your family warm during the winter season.

Broken heating elements

An electric furnace has many individual heating elements. often, an electric furnace will burn out or stop working because of damaged wiring. If this happens, you’ll probably detect a noticeable decline in the warmth in your home. However, an HVAC technician can replace the broken heating element to restore the furnace’s operation.

Damaged limit control

The limit control switch is a mechanism designed to stop the furnace from overheating. A faulty limit control may shut the furnace down immediately when it attempts to come on. Or it may fail to turn the furnace off in case of overheating. Usually, fixing this requires replacing the limit control switch.

Other electric wiring malfunctions

Electric troubles are responsible for most heating system failures, and this includes gas furnaces and heat pumps as well. Loose or corroding wiring and broken relays are among the more common troubles that can cause problems for an electric furnace. The thermostat could lose its connection to the furnace, which can either cause the furnace not to turn on or not to turn off. A repair technician can accurately diagnose the trouble and apply the correct repair.

Warning: All HVAC repair work for any furnance but especially an electric furnace should be performed by a licensed HVAC professional. Don’t be tempt to just let things slide with an electric furnace it can lead to fire and maybe even death if you are experiencing trouble with your furnace please call a licensed HVAC professional today.

For both gas and electric furnace repair in Philadelphia, PA and throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs call us now at 215-366-1001 We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help you with all of your HVAC repair needs.

EMCO Tech Heating & Cooling – Emergency Maintenance Service provides HVAC Service Throughout Philadelphia.

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