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Philadelphia Air Conditioning Repair Tip: How to Stop Hot Spots

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Air Conditioning System

A good quality air conditioning system can help you keep comfortable in your home on even the hottest days of the year. You should have your system installed by a professional for the best results, although there is the chance that something could still go wrong. A common issue that many householders find is that the cool air does not reach every part of the room, creating hotspots. This is something that can be very frustrating for homeowners but there is a way that this can be resolved. 

Eliminate those AC hot spots

The most effective way to eliminate hotspots in your property is to have a zone control system professionally installed. This gives you a great deal more control over the way the air is distributed throughout your home than a regular system. A zone control system allows you to set the temperature of different areas of your home at different levels. If there are areas in your home that tend to be warmer than others, then you can set a lower temperature in these rooms. 

It is also possible to reduce the amount of hotspots in your home through having the ducts in your system repaired and then sealed. Again, this is a service that should be carried out professionally. Ductwork that is damaged is one of the most common causes of hotspots in a property. If the sealing on this ductwork has started to come loose then this will cause leaks which will mean your home is not as comfortable as it would be if everything was working properly. A professional technician will be able to locate the source of the problem and take the appropriate action to make any repairs that are necessary. 

EMCO Tech – Emergency Maintenance Company can ensure that your Philadelphia home or business premises are as comfortable as possible, by helping you to resolve any issues you may have with your air conditioning system. Contact us today to find out more about our services and how we can help you.  

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