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How Air Sealing Benefits You

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AC Sealing

During scorching summer days, most people find themselves shut up all their windows and doors before switching on their air conditioning systems. Yet, what people don’t know, is that some of their cooling system’s air still manages to evade them, despite their best efforts to keep it locked inside. This is due to a problem that many people remain unaware of – air leaks.

Maybe your window doesn’t shut exactly right, or maybe you have minor cracks in your walls and ceilings. It’s these slight things that stack up, creating a really big problem. While you suffer under the harsh heat, your HVAC system struggles under the energy loss, due to all these air leaks.

Fortunately, it’s easy to schedule an air sealing appointment with an Emergency Maintenance Company technician. It’s time to give your HVAC system a break and get it the help it needs to survive.

Air sealing actually comes with a significant amount of great benefits.

Improved Energy Efficiency: While a tiny crack in your wall may not seem like that much of a problem, enough leaks in a home is equivalent to simply leaving your window open. You could be paying for cooling that is just released free into the open world, no benefit to you whatsoever. Air sealing can fix this, helping lower your energy cost more so than you might think.

Greater HVAC system performance: When the air in a house cannot move freely in or out of the house, your HVAC unit is able to work at peak performance. However, if there are air leaks within your home, often you may notice hot or cold spots within a room. When an HVAC system is working to its maximum potential, everyone in the home is more comfortable, and the HVAC unit is inevitably under less stress and strain.

Higher Air Quality

Finally, air sealing prevents foreign contaminants and allergens from entering your indoor air. Should you seal air leaks, you will see an increase in your air quality, creating a healthier environment.

Choose the experts at EMCO Tech Heating & Cooling Philadelphia top HVAC repair company to perform air sealing in your home – be sure to call us today! 

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