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Heat Pump

Selecting the Perfect Heat Pump for Your Philadelphia Home

Heat pumps are your preferred choice of heating system over radiant or furnace heating systems, and it’s all for obvious reasons.
For starters, a heat pump also doubles as a cooling system. They are also less costly compared to the cost of running an electric or gas furnace.

Whatever the reason is, you might want to reach out to an expert in the field of home heating for professional help in sizing, choosing, and installing the perfect heat pump that painlessly addresses all your heating and cooling needs.
Having been in the HVAC business for the longest time possible, our experience and expertise allow us to provide exceptional HVAC services for your Philly home.

How to Choose a Heat Pump for Your Home
Not every heat pump model on the market is the same. In which case, the best heat pump is one that snugly addresses your budget and the specific heating needs of your family.
So at some point, you may want to carry out some serious heat load calculations in a bid to determine the right size of the heat pump to go for. Do this bearing in mind that the heat pump you buy is supposed to both heats and cool your home. It’s therefore important that you make sure your home is carefully sized out and that you’ve carefully taken all the crucial factors into consideration before you can finally go ahead and select the most fitting heat pump for your home.

In quick highlight, you’re expected to look at your home’s insulation, the ventilation, weather stripping, the ductwork and the quality of indoor air components before deciding on the size and model of the heat pump to purchase.
But that’s NOT where it all ends. You’ll also be required to look into the energy efficiency of the system you’re about to purchase. Speaking of which, heat pumps arrive with two different ratings – i) SEER for the cooling efficiency and ii) the HSPF for the heating efficiency.
With some models, the rating can go as high as 18 SEER or 11HSPF. And while these are the most recommended choices of heat pumps, they do come with a higher initial installation cost.

So before you rush into getting any heat pump installed, it’s important that you take your time to look into the different heat pump options in front of you and how the decision you make is likely to affect you over the long haul instead of making the decision based on the short term benefits alone.


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