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Why Does My Cooling Feel Uneven?

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Why Does My Cooling Feel Uneven?

When your whole house air conditioner doesn’t heat evenly, it can leave you feeling uncomfortable on a hot day and wonder ‘why does my cooling feel uneven?’ Any number of reasons could be the cause of uneven cooling from your unit, but no matter why your unit cools unevenly, you must fix it as fast as possible. Uneven cooling forces the system to work harder, which stresses the system. When you need assistance, contact EMCO Tech Heating and Air Conditioning – Emergency Maintenance Company.

Why Does My Cooling Feel Uneven?

Here are some reasons an HVAC system cools unevenly:
Issues with ductwork. If your ducts are faulty or get very dirty, it can greatly reduce or block air passing through vents. Sometimes, seals can break or ducts come apart causing air leaks. In these cases, it is best to have them professionally checked and repaired.
Increased daytime heat. It isn’t unusual for the heat to increase in your home by 10 degrees during the day. The gain can be useful during cooler months, but it won’t be welcome during the summer months. Find uncovered or poorly covered windows that let in the most sunlight, which increase heat in the home. Install blinds or drapes to keep the rays from entering the room so cooling gets even.

Older HVAC systems.

An aging HVAC system could have parts that wear out or break that make the system cool unevenly. If you hear weird noises from your unit, it is commonly a sign something needs checking or replacing to even the flow of air.
Now, you should know the answer to why does your cooling feel uneven. If you can’t find the issue, call a professional HVAC service to find and fix problems -215.366.1001.

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