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Why Is Your Air Conditioner Constantly Turning On and Off?

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Why Is Your Air Conditioner Constantly Turning On and Off?

There is no doubt that every homeowner knows well the normal operational habits of their air conditioning system. Thus, you can quickly notice its signs of malfunction if it starts turning on and off occasionally. Perhaps this situation is commonly known as short-cycling. Generally, air conditioners are designed to effectively reach a cooling temperature as it operates in full cycle. When an AC starts short-cycling, don’t wait for the worse to happen to call the professional technician. This condition is a treat to your gadget since it creates mechanical problems not only to your air conditioner but also cause indoor discomfort. Therefore, you should contact your Emergency Maintenance Company immediately and book an appointment for AC repair in Philadelphia, Pa.

What are the causes of Short-Cycling?

Below are some of the reasons for short-cycling on the air conditioner:
Clogged air filters: When the air filter is clogged, air flow in the air condition system is restricted, causing problems such as short cycling.
Thermostat problems: air conditioning system has a thermostat that acts like a control center instructing the AC to turn on and off. Therefore, thermostat issues like dusty instrumentation, incorrect calibration, and wiring problems can affect the functioning of your air conditioner. This condition can also result in short-cycling.
Oversize air conditioner: The size of your air conditioner should correspond to the size of your home. When it’s too big, it’s likely to cool your home at higher speed level. Hence, your home will not get adequately dehumidified and cause the air conditioner to turn on and off repeatedly.

What are the problems caused by Short-Cycling?

Short-cycling is a big problem for you as well as your AC because of the following:
Consume too much energy: Short-cycling causes your air conditioner to continually turn on and off, this result in high consumption of energy as it takes more power to start. At the long run, you end up spending more on your energy bills.

Wearing out of the system: Short-cycling also creates tremendous wear on the AC, making it vulnerable to premature aging, breakdown, and malfunction.
Discomfort staying in your home: The purpose of having an air conditioner in your home is to stay cool as you relax comfortably in the summertime. However, when short-cycling develops on your equipment, you won’t enjoy its purpose. Call Philadelphia affordable HVAC service to schedule an appointment if your Air conditioning unit is short-cycling.

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