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Whole house humidifier

Benefits of Whole House Steam Humidifier and Central Water Humidifier

The Humidifiers Benefits. Whole House Steam Humidifier and Water Humidifier.

Dry air can cause many problems for your health and comfort, especially during the winter months when your heater is running. You may notice that your skin feels dry and itchy, your nasal passages are irritated, and your floors are cracking. These common signs often reveal low indoor humidity. In time, such signs can increase risk of getting sick from bacteria and mold spores that thrive in dry environments. And if you have allergies or asthma, dry air can make you more sensitive to dust mite and mold allergens. In conclusion, these can trigger eye and nose irritation, coughing, and asthma-like symptoms.

Dry skin and creaking floors often reveal dry indoor air or low indoor humidity. Most people tend to discount these common signs, yet dry air can also lead to other problems, like respiratory infections or the flu.

As David Rosenberg, MD, a pulmonologist, notes, “Not only does breathing air below recommended relative humidity levels irritate respiratory passages but doing so contributes to a heightened risk of contracting COVID-19 and influenza” (source).

Have you ever wondered why you breathe easier by a lake or ocean? Moist air soothes irritated airways.

Get a Whole House Humidifier

Installing a humidifier is one of the best ways to ensure healthy lungs and skin during winter. One of the best solutions to combat dry air is to install a humidifier in your HVAC system. A humidifier adds moisture to the air as it circulates through your ductwork, creating a more comfortable and healthy indoor environment. Unlike portable humidifiers that need constant refilling with tap water, a central humidifier connects to your plumbing system. Moreover, it automatically adjusts the humidity level according to your preference.

Central humidifiers come in various models, sizes, and installation styles, which impact costs. Nevertheless, the use of a humidifier is similar to all models. A central air humidifier is integrated into a forced-air heating system to humidify air as its heated. Unlike portable humidifiers requiring refills, a central humidifier receives water automatically from household plumbing.

Finding a reputable HVAC installer to help with whole-house humidifier

At EMCO Tech Heating & Cooling, we are experts in installing and maintaining central humidifiers for homes and offices locally. We can help you choose the right type and size of humidifier for your space and budget. Contact us today to find out more about our services and products. Please contact us today if you’re interested in learning more about our central humidifiers.

Types of humidification equipment:

There are two main types of central humidifiers: steam humidifiers and flow-through humidifiers (also known as evaporative humidifiers). Both types of humidifiers can help alleviate dry air symptoms and improve indoor air quality during winter months, but they have some differences in how they work and what they require.

  • Steam humidifiers use electricity to boil water and create steam, which is then injected into the air stream of your HVAC system. Steam humidifiers are very effective and can produce a lot of humidity in a short time. They also do not depend on the operation of your furnace, so they can work all year round. However, steam humidifiers are more expensive to buy and install, and they consume more energy than other types of humidifiers. They also require regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent mineral buildup and bacterial growth.
  • Flow-through humidifiers use water from your plumbing system to moisten a pad or filter, which is then exposed to the warm air from your furnace. The air evaporates some of the water from the pad or filter, increasing the humidity level. Flow-through humidifiers are cheaper and easier to install than steam humidifiers, and they use less energy. They also do not have a water reservoir that can harbor dust mites or mold, making them more hygienic. However, flow-through humidifiers only work when your furnace is running, so they may not provide enough humidity during mild weather. They also waste some water that drains out of the system after each cycle.

And read below to learn more about the two most common humidifier types in the average home or office: the steam humidifier and the flow-through humidifier (evaporative humidifier).

Steam-Based Humidifiers

Whether you’re battling dryness in your home or office or want to create a comfortable environment, the steam humidifier can help you achieve humid indoor air.

A steam humidifier uses an internal humidistat to detect moisture in the air. When moisture levels drop, the humidifier heats water in a reservoir, converting it to steam. Your furnace slowly disperses the steam throughout your home. Humidity begins to increase to a noticeable degree.

A steam humidifier for HVAC applications is an easy-to-use device perfect for humidifying your ventilation system. An electric current heats the water to the boiling point, producing a warm, steamy mist that keeps your home or office well-hydrated, particularly during extended dry winters.

A steam humidifier also features a built-in timer; you can set it to operate when needed. A steam humidifier also has a large tank that requires less frequent refills. Steam-based models also tend to offer easier humidity level control than other models. The risk of mold is low, energy usage is efficient, and steam humidifiers require little maintenance, so the cost of ownership is low.

Although furnace heat is required for a steam humidifier, humid air feels warmer, so you may feel more comfortable at lower temperatures when the humidifier operates.

Our preferred choice for a steam humidifier is AprilAire 800 Whole-House Steam Humidifier.

Water-Based Humidifiers

A flow-through humidifier uses an evaporator pad and warm air to humidify the air. The humidifier is mounted onto a furnace and requires fresh water to flow through the system. The water gradually drains away. A steam humidifier offers many advantages, but some may prefer the benefits of a flow-through model:

  • Flow-through humidifiers are reliable and rarely fail
  • The absence of a central reservoir is potentially more hygienic than steam humidifiers
  • Flow-through humidifiers usually consume less electricity than steam humidifiers

A flow-through humidifier is often the best choice for most customers, depending on your home’s size and heating needs.

Our favourite option for a Water-Based Home Humidifier is AprilAire Model 600 Large Bypass Evaporative Humidifier

Chose The Right Humidification Device for Your Central Air Conditioning & Heating System

No matter what type of humidifier you choose, sound installation and maintenance are essential to ensure long-term performance and value for your money.

Without adequate humidification, home or office environments that are air-conditioned during the summer and heated in the winter may suffer from low humidity and dry indoor air. The professionals at EMCO Tech team install and maintain all types of humidifier systems. Call us now to discuss the best humidifying option for your needs!

Whether you choose a steam humidifier or a flow-through humidifier, you can enjoy the benefits of moist air in your home or office. Moist air soothes irritated airways, eases dry skin and creaking floors, reduces allergens and infections, and makes you feel more comfortable. Installing a central humidifier in your HVAC system is an effective way to ensure healthy lungs and skin during the winter months.

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  • Daisy James I'm glad you said that water-based humidifiers are less likely to fail. My sister was at my house last night for dinner, and she talked about how she has been thinking about getting a humidifier since her dry skin has been getting worse. I'll pass this information along to her so she can know how to choose the right type of humidifier for her home. Reply

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