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Mini-Split Air Conditioners

Are Mini-Split Air Conditioners A Good Choice

With rising global temperatures (source), the need for air conditioners has increased more than ever. Today consumers have multiple options thanks to advancing technology. Besides ductless air conditioners, you can find slim duct system AC options on the market. However, since it’s a newer technology, people face a dilemma when it comes to determining whether or not non-ducted minisplit AC is worth considering.

Ductless equipment manufacturers are fairly new to the US market, but the technology has improved remarkably since it first came onto the scene. In terms of quality and performance, mini-splits have unique features, making them worth considering whenever there are space limitations for conventional air duct connected equipment, or for newly built additions requiring additional conditioned air.

But like any other air conditioning and heat pump systems on the market, minisplits also require regular maintenance. Routine cleaning or professional seasonal AC tune-up service is important to ensure the system performs at it’s best.

Keep reading to learn how these cooling systems work and in which conditions they deliver best results.

How do ductless air conditioners work?

The mechanism of non ducted air conditioner is similar to conventional central AC. Like a central or packaged air conditioning system, there is a flow of chemical refrigerant through coiled tubes, and heat is absorbed from the indoors. The outdoor unit releases the heat outside and helps in maintaining the room’s temperature.

One of the major differences between package AC and mini split system is that first releases heat through the unit’s outdoor portion that hangs out the wall. With ductless split unit, outdoor condenser is separated from indoor air handler reducing noise and cosmetic appearance (since it can be placed anywhere outside the building). Remember, if you want to learn about your specific system and how to take care of it, it’s important to consult a reputable HVAC company for expert tips. Learn more here.

Most people realize that Ductless Minisplit AC and heat pump systems do not require space for air ducts. They are a perfect fit for South and Central Philadelphia buildings, where limited space does not allow installing bulky central air duct systems. These systems can be single zone or multi zone. Single outdoor condenser unit can be connected to 2 or more indoor air handlers providing conditioned air where needed whiteout taking much of occupied space. Non-ducted air conditioners and heat pumps come with simple copper tubing and communicating wire connections, that can be installed on building exterior or hidden inside walls. 

Factors Determining The Effectiveness Of Ductless Air Conditioners

Weather in the area

Of course, it requires energy for the unit to maintain the proper temperature inside. The lower the temperature outside, the more efficiently the system can work. The best way to mitigate the cost of running the unit is using a thermostat. It helps in maintaining the exact temperature needed, easing the job of your minisplit air conditioners. Also, make sure to use the HVAC unit in an insulated space. Using curtains and blinds for blocking out the sunshine can greatly help!

Size of the room

A room’s size is a crucial factor that determines the efficiency of an air conditioning system. Bigger rooms require higher capacity equipment, whereas small rooms can be easily cooled with small-to-medium sized units. It’s important to have a factory trainer installation technician to measure the areas and decide the size of the HVAC system and number of indoor blowers.

Make sure the size of the mini split AC is appropriate for the area or room where it will be used. BTU rating of the product measures its cooling capacity. An air conditioning system with 8,000 BTU is suitable for smaller rooms (measuring up to 200-300 square feet). Whereas, larger rooms require bigger system with 12,000 to 14,000 BTU cooling or more.

Electricity cost

The cost of running a minisplit air conditioner varies according to the electricity cost of the area, but is much lower comparing to standard HVAC equipment. It is to be noted that the cost rises with the demand and usage. The cost will be highest in the hottest months of summer.

If the prices tend to fluctuate and rise during the peak hours of usage, running AC will turn out to be comparatively cheaper during the night time. Plus, the individual’s affordability also plays a crucial role here. Some people make less use of the ductless AC in attempts to save on electricity costs.

For best results, you should always consult professionals who have a wealth of knowledge about air conditioning systems. If you are looking for reliable HVAC technicians in Philadelphia, then consider hiring EMCO TECH. From installation to repair and maintenance, we provide service for any and all air conditioning types and brands. Connect with us today to learn more!

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