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Common Questions About Air Conditioning Installation

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Air Conditioning Installation on the roof

Central Air Conditioning Appliances Installation Questions

Seeking air conditioning installation can be a complicated and difficult process. It’s important to consider what’s best for your space and what can work for your budget. Our expert contractors at EMCO Tech have put together some answers to common questions and are always ready to answer any more you have by contacting us for a consultation.

Why AC Installation?

AC systems are necessary for health and optimal comfort in homes and businesses. Here are some reasons why you might need an AC installation:

  • Maintain a cool environment indoors during hot summer months
  • Remove moisture and odors and reduce the risk of mold
  • Reduce allergies and asthma symptoms
  • Improve air quality

Types of AC Units

Q: What are the different types of air conditioning units?

A: The most common central air conditioning units are either split system AC units or ductless AC units. Split system AC units use both heating and cooling simultaneously. Ductless AC units use small, unobtrusive devices to move air instead of using traditional ducts. Additionally, there are other smaller options such as window units that may be ideal for some circumstances.

Q: How do I choose the right type of AC unit for my home?

A: You’ll want to consider your needs when choosing an AC unit. For example, if you need heat in the winter months, then a split system AC unit might be best for you. If you only need cooling, a ductless AC unit might be better. If your house has been built recently, an air conditioning system is easier to replace, but if your house is older and doesn’t have AC infrastructure, it could get more complicated. If you’re unsure, EMCO Tech can send out one of our experts for a consultation.

Q: What are some things to consider when having an AC unit installed?

A: Your space, climate, and budget are the most important aspects when deciding on a proper AC unit for your needs.

How is an AC Installed?

Most systems are installed by professionals through a few steps. After an initial consultation with your contractor to establish your baseline requirements for your space, they will start taking measurements and creating a detailed plan of your home’s layout, including all the ductwork.

Our specialists at EMCO Tech use the most modern technology and techniques to map out the perfect schematics before installation. We will walk you through every step of the way and answer any questions you have.

Finally, on installation day, your team of technicians will make sure everything is done according to proper safety and efficiency standards, and provide follow-up support to make sure everything is running as expected.


One of the most common questions that we get from our clients is about how the air conditioning installation process works. In this article, we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions about AC installation so that you can be confident in your decision to seek us out for your contracting needs. Be sure to read through all of the information before making a decision. If you still have any questions after reading this article, don’t hesitate to check out our website, call us with inquiries, or schedule a consultation.

If you’re looking for expert HVAC services in Philadelphia, you need to contact EMCO Tech Heating & Cooling. Our team of experienced technicians are dedicated to providing quality services at affordable rates. Give us a call now!


  • Jessie Holloway I love how you point out that AC systems do more than just cool down a home or our business office. I have really bad allergies and it seems like they don't get any better when I'm inside. I'm worried my AC might not be working properly so I've been thinking about getting it replaced. I'll be sure to call a professional to help me with it all. Reply
    • Admin G You can contact us anytime with questions. Our managers will gladly provide information on the newest air quality improvement accessories and systems available on the market. Reply
  • John All the information that you shared with us is very useful for us. Keep sharing... Reply
  • Jessie Holloway I love how you point out and talk about how there are different types of AC units that fulfill separate needs for homes and commercial spaces. My parents have an old AC unit and they think it's time to replace it. We've been looking into finding a new unit and finding some professionals to help us install it so we can ensure everything works properly. Reply

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