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Preparing Your AC Unit for Cold Weather

Preparing Your AC Unit for Cold Weather

Getting Air Conditioner Ready for the Cold Season

As the cold weather begins to approach in Philadelphia and the summer heat becomes a thing of the past, it’s getting close to the time when your home air conditioner won’t be necessary any longer. While wintertime can be fun and engaging, it’s always important to keep your summertime gadgets safe and sound when the air turns cold, and that’s where we come in. It’s time to give our team a call and arrange for your annual heating maintenance to batten down for the colder months.

The winter brings with it some good news; your AC won’t be needing as much maintenance and checkups as it does during the hotter months, giving both you and your unit a break. Even better, “winterizing” your air conditioning system is easy, quick and rewarding, making your Spring turn-on a success before it’s even begun.

Turning off air conditioner

To start the process of shutting your AC system down for the cold part of the year, follow these few simple steps and considerations:

Ensure your unit is in good working order before shutting it down. Even though you won’t be using it, it helps to make sure things are five-by. If a malfunction persists during the shutdown period it can mean a potential worsening of the problem and a delay in effectiveness when the heat returns

Turn the system completely off. If the sensors detect a warmer temperature indoors, this could create a problem with the unit turning on when it shouldn’t. If this happens, the risk for damage to the outdoor unit is increased, especially when snow and moisture is present.  The power switch is located on the outdoor cabinet beneath a plastic cover and can be switched to the OFF position easily.

Cleaning outdoor AC coils

Clean the outside of the air conditioner off. There’s no need to be painstaking about this process; simply make sure the area surrounding the unit is free of debris, spray down with a gentle stream of water (avoiding the coils), and ensure no branches or plant debris will be able to make its way into the cabinet itself.

Protect the outside condenser with a waterproof case. These can be had at most hardware stores for a reasonable price (a tarp will also work in a pinch). If you choose to use a tarp, make sure it will be secure in the events of high winds or inclement weather.

You’re all good to go! Now go enjoy your winter. But do not hesitate to contact EMCO Tech to have it done for you!

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