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Switching to Natural Gas Heating in the Philadelphia, PA Region: Top Three Benefits

Top Benefits of Switching to Natural Gas Heating

Switching to Natural Gas Heating in the Philadelphia, PA Region: Top Three Benefits

In Philadelphia, PA, and nationwide, home energy costs have surged recently. According to a recent Consumer Price Index, electricity prices rose 14.3% from 2021 to 2022, nearly double the inflation rate. The news is anything but welcome as we enter the peak winter HVAC heating months in Philadelphia. Local home and business owners will likely see a 17.2% increase in home heating this year, with electricity and oil accounting for the most significant expenses. One option for home and business owners looking for a cost-effective and sustainable energy solution is natural gas. The month-to-month costs of HVAC heating using natural gas are generally the lowest of all energy forms, and since natural gas “burns clean,” the option presents a viable solution for home and business owners seeking a greener solution.

EMCO Tech Heating and Cooling professional HVAC technicians have installed new gas energy systems in homes across the greater Philadelphia region. Below, we detail three benefits of switching to natural gas from oil or electricity. If you’re interested in learning more about converting to gas from oil or electric, please call EMCO TECH Heating and Cooling at our home offices (215-366-1001) or use our online contact form to speak to a trained HVAC professional.

Three Benefits of Converting Your Home or Business Heating to Natural Gas

Switching to Natural Gas Means Substantial Cost Savings and Stability

Switching to natural gas requires an accessible gas service. Our region’s local utility company, PECO, offers a Natural Gas Map to easily search for accessibility in your area. Once you identify your property’s viability for making the switch, you’ll need to partner with a reliable HVAC company like EMCO Tech to make the switch. Installing a natural gas system in your home requires an initial upfront investment. However, homeowners will often quickly see month-to-month savings on energy costs. Homes using gas instead of electricity for heating, cooking, and drying clothes may see savings approaching $1000 yearly (source – American Gas Association). Compared to using oil for home and business energy, natural gas offers lower prices and much more price stability. And using gas as an auxiliary heating source for homes and businesses using electricity can translate to dramatic cost benefits. In the end, the switch to natural gas is worth the upfront costs for home and business owners willing to make an upfront investment. However, the cost savings only represent a part of the value of switching to natural gas.

Natural Gas is a Cleaner Energy Source

In part, the electric car (EV) market is exploding because more consumers want a cleaner, more sustainable energy source. Home and business owners switching to natural gas are often motivated by a similar sentiment: green and clean. When burned, natural gas produces carbon monoxide and water vapor (similar to human breath). However, although natural gas can produce methane, burning natural gas produces significantly less carbon monoxide than gas and coal

As the U.S. Energy Information Administration notes, “Burning natural gas for energy results in fewer emissions of nearly all types of air pollutants and carbon dioxide (CO2) than burning coal or petroleum products to produce an equal amount of energy” (source – Finally, the U.S. government tightly regulates natural gas production, so consumers can be assured that they’re using a clean and safe fuel source.

Safe and Reliable Fuel

For many years, natural gas has maintained an outstanding safety record, making it a trusted and reliable fuel choice for both homeowners and business owners.
Natural gas does not require home delivery like oil heat, and consumers using electricity can still use natural gas appliances when the energy grid goes down during a storm. Also, having a natural gas system installed means you’re less dependent on external supply chains, which adds an extra layer of security during unexpected disruptions.
Finally, since natural gas is a cleaner option, maintenance costs associated with natural gas heating and energy purposes are generally lower.

Switching to Natural Gas?  Call EMCO Tech Heating & Cooling

Got natural gas questions? Please call EMCO TECH Heating and Cooling at our home offices (215-366-1001) in Willow Grove, PA, to learn more about switching to natural gas heat. Alternatively, please use our online scheduling form to speak to a trained HVAC professional who can answer your questions about switching to natural gas.

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